Dragons with Subtitles - House of the Dragon (Season 1)

Published 2022-11-02
Dragons with Subtitles - House of the Dragon (Season 1)

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  • IdenticXP
    Aemond: "I want this kids eye"
    Vhagar, with the hearing of a 180 year old grandma "You want him to die? Sure thing darling"
  • Genichiro Trash
    Vhagar is so huge that Aemond had to park outside the castle walls😂
  • manlyasian
    Aemond: Vhagar no!!!

    Vhagar: Vhagar go?!?! You got it one-eyed Visenya!!!
  • DMG Roberts
    Luke and Arrax getting eaten was terrible, but the thought of Vaegar flying off, Aemond on her back like: "well...crap," while all she cares about is that she defended her wounded pride, is hilarious.
  • XbsnuserX
    "DID SOMEONE ANGER DAEMON?!" so on point for Caraxes' reaction during that scene
  • D. V.
    The sound design for Vhagar is flawless. The mere sound of her breathing sounds like a massive machine revving.
  • OhNoBees
    Aemond: Vhagar no!

    Vhagar: Vhagar yes!
  • persianking44
    Vhagar: Fuck around and find out
    Arrax: * fucks around *
  • K M
    Love that meleys has bones around her head that looks like a crown. A true queen
  • 22 _Rohan
    I can just imagine Vhagar (after arrax attacks her) thinking
    “I have not lived 180 years just for some brat to flex on me”
  • Stargeek2006
    I live for the senile war machine Vhagar. "Why does Visenya have one eye and why did that dornish kid have a dragon?"
  • Seth Biv
    Vhagar: Well, that bite ought to teach that whipper snapper to respect his elders.
    Aemond: Vhagar, that wasn't a friendly bite you killed Arrax and Luke.
    Vhagar: Luke? Oh, he's one of Rhaenyra's boys, how is he doing?
    Aemond: He's dead!
    Vhagar: He's dread? Well, I'm happy to hear he's earned the title of "Luke the dreaded."
    Aemond: No, I said he's dead. You tore him and Arrax apart!
    Vhagar: Yu T? Do you mean Yi Ti? What has the empire of Yi Ti have to do with Arrax?
    Aemond: Nothing! You ate him!
    Vhagar: Hate him? I don't hate him, he's family! A bit disrespectful, though. I might bite some discipline into him one day.
    Aemond: Sobs
  • Nate McCollum
    One of my favorite differences between show and books is that the dragons will is what really sets off the Dance. Neither Lucerys or Aemond wanted that to happen, but they were young dragon riders who thought they knew everything (like a 16 year old with a drivers license).

    Once Luke gets above the clouds he should’ve been able to outrace Aemond- but the dragon decided to get cute.
  • Carmack Sanderson
    Love this! Though I wish you had included the scene of Vermithor, potentially being like "WHO WOKE ME UP??!"
  • SylvanHealer
    tbh Vhagar having to kill her rider was one of the best scenes that show the emotion of the dragons so far. it really seemed like she didn't want to do it but understood why it had to be done.
  • Mateo Doris
    You know Caraxes be simping over Syrax
  • Kidding aside, I feel like Vhagar was mourning for Laena too, just the thought of that giveaway the idea that Vhagar's and Laena's bond was so so much deeper
  • Galeria da Luzz
    Caraxes when someone angers Daemon: HOW DARE YOU DISTURB MY DAD I WILL- 😡😡

    Caraxes sees Syrax: OMG! SYRAX😍😍🥰🥰😍