House of the Dragon Season 2 | Episode 5 Preview | Max

Published 2024-07-07
Dragons have fallen.

A new episode of the HBO Original Series #HouseOfTheDragon is now streaming on @StreamOnMax.

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All Comments (21)
  • @nat_t
    Meleys looking back at her beloved rider and Raneys falling down from the sky were so heartbreaking...
  • @Hmzytalks
    Seeing Meleys paraded around like that is giving me Robb Stark with his Wolf head flashbacks 🥴
  • @MeizrRoeni
    Meylys and Rhaenys's soul connection was demonstrated in the closing fighting scenes when they repeatedly looked at each other silently. Observing their emotional communication was just delightful.
  • @Divine_Chareka
    Parading Meleys' head in the streets of King's Landing is diabolical
  • @KyleK2098
    Tell me Aemond wanted Aegon dead without telling me Aemond wanted Aegon dead
  • @GohanKanor
    May the Queen Who Never Was rest in power. What a heroic attempt. Maelys and she gave it their all.
  • @Ayo-kr4kf
    Calling a dragon a traitor is crazy work
  • No matter how many sides there are I always feel bad for the dragons dying 😭
  • @NancySoo-y3h
    Parading a dead dragon’s head is an own goal if you think about that, a disrespect to a dragon is a disrespect to House Targaryen that would encourage small folks to eventually take matters in their own hands and kill the dragons themselves!
  • @wtp665
    Dragons aside, the most gratifying scene was Crispin Cole whining like a dog when waking up
  • @audreyryan8283
    Criston Cole finally realising the war might be more brutal then he realised
  • @sayso6119
    ok it's time for Daemon to start doing some war crimes stuff. enough of this hallucinating stuff
  • @EzvbVdni
    A true Tagaryen would never, ever allow such behavior to degrade a dragon.
  • @mylonoceda
    No true Targaryen would ever dishonour any dragon like that.
  • @MiamiGameHunter
    Aemond’s face in the brothel was literally the personification of “this character will remember that.”
  • @Divine_Chareka
    Episode 4 was an emotional rollercoaster. While I enjoyed the battle scene, I was deeply saddened by the deaths of these two major characters, Rhaenys and Meleys. What a blow for Team Black.
  • @TIoerSoec
    It was impressive to watch Aemond use his control over High Valyrian to put Aegon in his place.
  • @preetymgr8439
    Meleys taking a last look at Rhaenys showed how strong their bond was even till the very last moment RIP 😢