This Is About To Cause Strong Tornadoes…

Published 2023-11-20
In this video, we are talking about severe weather and Thanksgiving travel woes.

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All Comments (21)
  • I do not watch regular weather channels, you are the most accurate and dependable. And thank you so much Ryan.
  • It can be hard for me to take meteorologists seriously sometimes because they will cause unnecessary fear and panic for views. When I watch you I know that what I see is accurate and the truth. You keep us informed and prepared. Thank you.
  • Thank you Ryan. You're such a help to those of us who can't afford cable. In fact I'm sure you're a life-saver for many...literally.
  • @kngdrgn5852000
    Ryan sure does make planning for a truck driver a lot easier.
  • I hope everyone stays safe in this potential tornado outbreak! Thank you for informing us about the severe weather. I am excited for this winter! Keep doing what you are doing❤
  • @MrsAlmaTrumble
    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed with the weather. You are a blessing to us.
  • @SoilToSoul
    I'm down here in South Missis, about 30miles from the coast. We need rain so bad, but I don't want high winds or tornados! Prayers for everyone to stay safe and on the alert as this system moves through! ❤🙏🏻 Thank you Ryan!
  • @jadonmendini
    Best weather man on YouTube back again for the 2nd tornado season of the year. Last time was August 9th in Indiana and Ohio. Now we go back to the Deep South. My gut is telling me bad things, but we can hope for nothing to bad today. I will be there in your live stream later today Ryan. Keep it up ❤
  • @Ronin4614
    Best weather reporting is right here, with the strong suit being severe weather. Not only reporting on but reacting to and supporting those touched by severe weather. A huge thank you to Ryan Hall, & Y’all !!!
  • @yeet_vr765
    This man saves lives... He needs a award....
  • @amydavis4945
    Thank you so much for this, Ryan. I have family in NW LA and have already alerted them to watch your video, and join us later during the Live. *Don't be scared, be prepared! *
  • @SR71GIRL
    You are my main weather man. I rarely listen to local weather because they RARELY get it right.
    You are my "trusted source". Thank you Ryan!❤
  • @SweeetAdeline
    Same here.. Ryan is my main weather man. At least he preaches "don't be scared, be prepared." My local weatherman implies impending doom for all 😂 Thank you Ryan for always bringing us a raw, truthful weather forecast 💯 You put the Weather Channel to shame! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
  • @57corvettehead
    Big news and weather channels are now trying to emulate Ryan's channel.
    Thank you Ryan! You deserve great accolades for helping us all.
  • @angeltopper6841
    Thanks for keeping us informed. You and your team is awesome. We appreciate your work. Thanks
  • Thank you Ryan for keeping us updated on the weather!! Hope everyone stays safe!! Here in East Tennessee we need the rain!
  • @JayceeFollowsJC
    I hate to hear of the severe weather threat for certain areas, but on the flip side here in western NC, we desperately need that rain, especially with the wildfires. Thanks always for your updates!
  • @valleygirlz4491
    Thank you Ryan and the Ya'll team! Always on the lookout for your videos❤
  • @snorlaxxin8875
    Dude, you’ve predicted heavy rainstorms in Norfolk Virginia an entire 2 weeks out and nailed the date you called it on. By far the best weatherman on not only cable, but YouTube as well