11 HOURS Relaxing Music For Stress Relief, Nature Sounds, Massage, Spa

Published 2019-02-06
This track is a collection of our tracks for relaxation.

00:00 Relaxing Music For Stress Relief, Emotional Music, Harp Music, Meditation
2:00:18 Relaxing Music For Studying, Nature Sounds, Calming Music, Meditation
5:08:49 Relaxing Music, Flute Music, Pursuit of Happiness, Nature Sounds
8:29:00 Relaxing Meditation Music, Stress Relief, Massage, Spa, Healing Therapy

Music for body and spirit channel includes also:

• Reiki Music:
Here you can find the music for your Reiki treatments with bell every 3 minutes, or without bell. Tracks with bell change to every position with melodies and harmonies studied in detail to help the treatment.

• Meditation and Yoga music:
For your short or long meditation or yoga sessions, to balance your body and spirit. Here you can find the music suitable for your taste.

• Meditation Sounds
The music in this playlist have as common characteristic the absence of harmonic changes and very delicate melodies, which make these songs ideal for deep meditation.

• Relaxing Music:
These tracks can be used in any situation: as a background while you are working, in relaxation moments after a stressful day or just when you want.

• Short meditation and relaxing track:
Short tracks from 4 to 10 minutes for short meditation or for relaxation. They can be listened in succession to get a long and varied track as desired.

• Binaural beats:
This is definitely the most special playlist. Each track was composed for a specific purpose.
Using headphones or earphones you will discover very very hidden sounds .....

• Sleep music:
Sleep is very important to a person's health. These compositions are designed to accompany you for the duration of your sleep or just to fall asleep.


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All Comments (21)
  • Mai Kitahara
    I’m playing just the sounds of this video as a background noise for two small children while they play. It’s helping them play quietly. Thank you.
  • Katherine Gross
    Thank you so much for this amazing music. It helps my baby relax and go to sleep when she's fussy. This video is a God-send! ❤ blessings to all & happy relaxing.
  • Niha Puri
    This is so relaxing, like I was too stressed to sleep and It really helped
  • If you wondering will this music work for pets, yes it will my kitten Charlie was so stressed and anxious but when I played this he closes his eyes and slept. Also if your reading this don’t be anxious or worried because gods got your back! 🐈🙏
  • Kristin Scott
    I need more of this kind of music. I suffer from severe anxiety and insomnia. I LOVE that it has sounds of nature with soothing music. Been waiting forever for this. Please make more. Love this.
  • Mabel Tomás
    Hermosa música, muy agradecida por la paz que transmite
  • Puts My Baby To Sleep Every Time For The Last 6mos! Thank You!!! My Favorite Sleepy Time Video!!!
  • Romila 2oo8
    Amazing,peaceful music!I really love it,it is so peaceful and helps me sleep very comfortably!Thank you for the calm,peaceful music!💕💕
  • Pink Barons Club
    I fell asleep so quickly while hearing this music, and when u woke up the music was still going so I went to bed again. When I woke up I realized that I had slept for 11 hours!! IT IS SOOOOO GOOD! AMAZING
  • Blue Rain Relax
    Beautiful landscape and relaxing music ❤️❤️❤️ I am really enjoying it 🎵🎵 Thanks for sharing 🙏🏼
  • Addilyn Jayne
    Oml i love to just relax to this after I work out it’s amazing 🤩 love this channel definitely saving this song 🤩
  • pineapplezzcx
    I listen to this to fall asleep every night, glad I found it😁❤️✨
  • Suzie Q
    My kitty got a bad URI. This is so relaxing. Thank you for making this. We made him a steam room w a humidifier and played this. He's already better. ❤️🙏
  • Mellow Vibes
    Very relaxing music with beautiful video. This will definitely inspire me to continue producing similar videos to spread peace. Keep up the good work!
  • maggie b
    Finally found the type of relaxing music I have been searching for. Thank you for sharing this amazing piece. I cannot tell you how relaxed it makes me feel listening to it.
  • Michael
    I’ve been listening to this for 2 hours and 46 minutes straight, while reading and then praying.

    This really is, very good music for reflection, consecration, communion, intercession and many other disciplines of love.
    May God bless you for creating it and making it available to us. 💙💛🙂