Picking A Date Based On Their Cooking (Italian Food)

Published 2023-10-22

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  • @NotAdes
    Beta Squad are the perfect people to watch while eating
  • @cynz6349
    props to the girl for being brave enough to actually eat their food
  • @onfusensationee
    I love how peacefully Chunkz and Sharky cook while the whole set is going down with flour in the back 😭😭
  • @user___-hn2rb
    Chunks and Sharky cooking calmly while the other three complete chaos😂
  • @almadukeee
    Niko once said Sharky’s jokes are either extremely funny or the worst thing you’ve ever heard. This video was a perfect example😂😂😂
  • @picalilly
    Okay but can we actually talk about AJ's win. The reaction was so wholesome, considering cooking isn't his greatest strengh. Mad proud of him.
  • @IsaOscar
    AJ is hillarious! Niko is charming. Chunkz is charismatic. Sharky is smooth. Kenny is sweet.
  • @uiouio1891
    Aj throwing flour at Niko and Kenny is Comedy Gold 😂
  • @beta_sturniolo
    Sharky absolutely kills me 😭 when he was checking Chunkz out then tearing Chunkz I CAN'T 💀
  • @slatethegreat_
    The Chunkz & Sharky Bromance was golden in this video🤣
  • I was dying when chunkz shouts sharks and sharky just stares at his food saying it is suppose to do that 9:04
  • @ProudHawk.
    Niko telling kenny how to properly cook onions and justifying why they are good burnt is hilarious
  • @serah2673
    Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine AJ winning in a cooking challenge🤣🤣
  • @NUF_Liana
    15:40 AJ causing a scene when he doesn’t even need the flour 😂
  • @naomialene9187
    AJ running from the sink to his station instead of using a cup was the funniest moment in the video 😭
  • @Evans9ro
    You've got to give respect to the editors behind the scenes. They're doing a wonderful job 👏🏾
  • @lauradigirolamo
    As an Italian, I can say they did surprisingly well, especially Chunkz. Risotto is actually the most technical/difficult-to-master dish out of the 5, and his came out decent. Wasn't surprised the Italian girl put him in second place. Well deserved. *Also, I cringed when they mentioned breaking the spaghetti in half.
  • Chunkz managing to cut himself within 4 minutes of he video on the first thing he attempts to cut is pure gold😂😂😂😂