How Penguinz0 Destroyed YouTube's Worst Content Thief

Published 2024-05-04

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  • Wow, so close to 800k subscribers - unreal. I stayed up to 4am to post this today for you all, time for me to get some rest. Thank you for all the recent growth and support. ❤ EDIT - WE HIT 800K, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *correction, I said 2024 when I meant 2023, my bad. No sponsor in this video, but feel free to join my Discord server:
  • @wallyman292
    Never heard of this kid, but that whole thing with him grabbing his own sister's legs and spreading her wide in public while she's wearing stretch pants was just disgusting.
  • @Bwiamimus
    Bro s*xualising your sister is single handedly the worst and most disgusting thing someone could do smhhh
  • @Derfo016
    20:40 "god went on an ALT account just to laugh at you"- penguinz0
  • The saddest part about all of this that really sucks is that he’s up to 31 million subscribers and still gets 3 to 10,000,000 views a video.
  • @SanSan-qh5mk
    One of them going "If we were normal guests" tells you all you need to know about that group.
  • @aallfik11
    Dude's literally the guy who heard a joke and said it louder
  • @Adrak-Hiano
    Brent sending copyright claims to other creators must be the most hypocritical thing I've ever seen
  • @kittyaya3425
    Penguinz0 and Packgod are like, the Avengers of YouTube fr. Edit: I just found a comment “penguinz0 is the Batman of yt” and sorry if I accidentally used it.
  • @axowotlz
    The fact that you’re hated so much that the urban dictionary makes a definition of plagiarism of your name is wild
  • Respectfully, the " I bet the Lord was on an alt account laughing at you " made my day
  • Exposing the dude while sitting on the toilet is next level savagery.
  • I love that Charlie is pretty much The Final Boss for everybody attempting the Evil Route on the internet…Defeat all the sub bosses you want, but in the end, Charlie always wins.
  • @ThePuff18
    I love that Charlie didn’t even do anything. Brent took himself down, Charlie was just the good guy he is, and organized it!
  • @AlexDuos
    Saying that God is probably on an alt account laughing at you has got to be the funniest burn I've heard in weeks 😂
  • @EthanLindner
    My girlfriend and I were in a Brent Rivera video once. We were holding mattresses and falling like dominos. He was the fakest, most inauthentic creator I’ve ever met. His enthusiasm is only there when the camera’s running. I remember him treating his sister and gf like shit right before we started recording, it was super awkward. Last time I’ll be doing that.
  • @Esqueleto000
    I love how many videos on this channel are about penguinz0 destroying someones career