The Mandalorian (Lego Star Wars Stop Motion Animation)

Published 2021-08-19

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  • I really enjoy high-quality stop-motion animations like this one, it just shows how much effort people put into the stuff they love and how great it can be when you apply yourself. Definitely hats-off to M.T. Stop Motion.
  • @PK-rf4hq
    I just watched this with my son and can’t believe how well done this is. Best action seen I’ve seen in a while 👏
  • I seriously have no idea how you aren't way more popular. This was possibly the best stopmotion I have ever seen
  • @whitponder6137
    M.T. Stop Motion, and Mega Space Fighter, are the top 2 best animators ever! In my opinion (yall's are different) A 10 Minute Stop Motion?! A 2 minutes stop motions can take weeks! 10 minutes is insane! The storytelling, and gore are amazing, it was like it was a new episode of The Mandalorian.😂 You are a master of animation, and I can't wait for your next animation. Also, I think I'm several of those views, I watch this stop motion so many times, it is amazing. Keep up the Awesome Work, M.T. Stop Motion!
  • @thisistheway21
    The animation was so smooth, and I loved the shear brutality and gore that you wouldn’t see on Disney Plus. Great job! 10/10
  • @r3ntn3r_
    The animation was clean, the set pieces looked nice, the story was super good and the whole atmosphere... It felt like a mandalorian episode👍 good job!
  • @Commando_0919
    God damn. This is the best story driven stop motion I've ever seen. Every scene feels like a shot from an actual film. The storyline is well thought of. I love your use of plasticine as blood as well. Seriously underrated.
  • @tigerzgames
    The fight scenes are amazing the sound is amazing the entire thing is amazing
  • 2:24 Was not expecting that 😂 this was amazing. Oh man and that speeder chase was spectacular!
  • Holy cow dude that was awesome! The effects and everything rly blows me away you 100% need to be the most subscribed LEGO youtuber!
  • @JE-up6fx
    This is Stop Motion at its best. I love all the sound effects and the lighting and graphics are crisp and clean. Great work👍🏼👍🏼 Make more like this and please, stick with using only original sounds and music. Others ruin their clips by adding their own voices and I often immediately stop watching when I hear their voices. I also love how they created and used Star Wars characters and sets to their own style. My son and I rarely re-watch YouTube videos, but we can watch this over and over……Great work👍🏼👍🏼 Make more please
  • @jjanevski
    Oh my goodness. This was insane! Very creative builds and action sequences. How long did this take you? Definitely looking forward to more! Your stop motion quality continues to get better.
  • This is SOOO underrated it’s unbelievable this should be something huge it’s so good
  • underrated stop motion, i love how gory and violent it is, its not a style you see often with stop motions, lego ones i mean. the gungan getting absolutely annihilated by that cannon was probably my favorite moment lol, this was really impressive though, good job
  • @hblaf6483
    That was easily the greatest mini-movie/stop motion I have ever seen!
  • @Brickhausen
    It must have taken some time to make this stop-motion movie. You have some excellent camera angles in it and the timing of the shots is well done.
  • @Ruckus1217
    You lighting is done expertly and the Lego effects are awesome!
  • @brickmic6813
    5:16 that downshift was clean 😮‍💨 man this is some great work! You can tell you put a lot of effort into this, keep up the good work!