Asa Butterfield Teaches Conan British Swear Words | CONAN on TBS

Published 2021-09-29
(Original airdate: 10/29/13) Asa gingerly explains how one properly uses "bollocks" and "wanker" as curse words.

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All Comments (21)
  • @SasMuffin427
    Conan: what does wanker mean exactly Asa: looks around for an adult
  • @Coni2009
    Nice how he avoided telling Conan what Wanker actually means rather than how it is used.
  • Asa is actually really, really shy. He’s a brilliant actor, Ender’s Game showed he can lead a cast. He just needs more directors to accept him for roles that are maybe more in line with his age than his look.
  • @wctrqn
    “These are the little wankers”. Andy’s hilarious. He’s the best sidekick. He complements Conan.
  • Conan asking Asa what wanker means is just pure evil lol. I refuse to believe he actually never understood what it meant.
  • Love that Asa says “Bollocks” and Conan says “Bullocks” and of course the fact he doesn’t explain “wanker” just makes it funnier.
  • Andy is the type of people that makes a masterpiece out of common ingredients.
  • @SD-wg3xo
    Conan’s out here saying bullocks like he’s talking about livestock
  • Conan is so kind, the boy is obviously nervous and not so good at giving interviews and he guides him through it seamlessly.
  • @stumbling
    Times like this you realise why Andy is there.
  • @wctrqn
    2:45 Asa’s reaction is so adorable. I’ve re-watched it many times.
  • I hate that he says it sounding like “bullocks” not bollocks 😂
  • @tanvi3
    2:43 😂😂😂 the expression on Asa's face, smiling sly
  • This was the absolute first Conan bit I've watched, back in 2013... Man it feels so nostalgic to watch it again in 2021
  • @logann8217
    Amazing how Andy took this clip, in just 15 seconds, to a new level of funny.
  • @theviper1254
    I love how they wrote , "The world's most trusted comedy brand in the universe"😂😂
  • @kenetabansi5016
    Why does he look even younger here than when he plays a teenage boy. Did they have to age him up 😂😂. He’s literally deaging