Meghan Trainor - Mother (Official Music Video)

Published 2023-03-10

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  • Fleeting Films
    No one's talking about Kris Jenner, or the fact that "Mother" is what Norman Bates called Norma, and that this track samples "Mr. Sandman," the song that Norman and Norma sing together, and the song that plays when the Sherrif discovers "Mother" 🤯
  • Izu
    I love how she makes music that she herself enjoys and has fun with. The joy is so contagious ! One of the rare ones to make me really feel the fun through everything she does.
  • Jason Stevens
    She REALLY needs to do an album with Bruno Mars. They both love this 50s and 60s doo wop style, and their both EXCEPTIONALLY gifted with it! Let’s make that happen ASAP! 💯🔥
  • Ashley Dunno
    The fact that Megan was able to get Kris Jenner to be in her music video is an amazing job in itself. Then you have her ultrasound pics from her second pregnancy in the video is amazing. And then the song itself is an absolute master piece. I've been waiting for the full song to drop, and she definitely did not disappoint.

    Edit: she's made a lot of shorts and tictoks about the 2nd baby. She's 6 months pregnant with her 2nd baby.

    This is also the most likes I've ever received on a comment, so thanks for the 870 likes
  • Kendra
    I live how she makes sure EVERYONES known for what part they do. Most ppl over look it! ❤
  • João Vitor
    Meghan is getting more and more sensational and her songs are too addictive.
  • Shena
    Say what you want about Kris but she looks fabulous as always. ❤
  • RiRi
    There's a lot of amazing Mother out there and Kris is just one of those great one to be in this song/video.
  • Kudos to her acknowledging the role Kris has played in her children lives, she’s a real mother ❤
  • love that Meghan Trainor is going back to her 2014 style, she’s giving us hit after hit 😌
  • -anaya jain-
    who else is happy that kris finally got the recognition and respect she deserves
    (this is about how the industry as well as the other kardashian jenners treat her)
  • Todas las canciones de Megan son pegadizas! Es un éxito tras otro
  • Puzzle
    Meghan trainor is on a roll and her songs are big hits love them girl keep it up <3
  • SJ
    Kris killed it !! Such 🔥🔥🔥. Go momager!! And so did Megan as usual 💗❤💜💙
  • Khen Khen
    How nice of the production to include the names of the people behind the scenes and the talented dancers. These people need recognition too. ❤ Congrats Meghan and the Momager Kris!
  • Rotten Girl
    Women from the 50’s would be mind blown to see the overflowing self-empowerment that is part of pop-culture now. Its so energetic and catchy