Can The Worlds Brightest Flashlight TOAST BREAD??!!

Published 2022-09-20

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  • zuphy
    The fact that the flashlight needs a fan is scary
  • Allahsid
    this man literally bought one flashlight and has been milking it for months. absolute genius
  • Him : “ is the bread toast, NO just very hot brea-“
    I was dying😂
    "Bread also known as raw toast." I loved that 😌🤚
  • Josiah Clemins
    Idk if it’s just me but every time he points the flashlight directly at the camera I fear I’m going to be blinded
  • Robber: breaks into house
    Flashlight guy: "you broke into the wrong house"
    Robber: "wha"
    Flashlight guy: turns on flashlight
  • Hi
    “Alr, look down for me.” Bro sounds like my dentist 💀
  • John Jonson
    "Did we toast it? No but that bread is making me act up🥵"
  • LDR_F1
    Bro was holding back tears when he touched it 💀
  • Ok but “bread is raw toast” is most definitely something I’m using in everyday life😂
  • I don’t even care abt the light, it’s the bread contraption that impressed me…
  • ItsAurnab
    Bro made a career on yt with a flashlight
  • Castor
    "If you are new here" 💀💀
  • FuturePF
    “Think Fast, Chucklenuts!”