Young Dolph - Get Away (Official Visualizer)

Published 2022-11-17

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  • @am2382
    I still bump Young Dolph no matter what, that voice can never be replicated 🐐
  • The lyrics in this song gave me chills… like he knew his time was coming
  • Let's get this trending too #1 Let's run it up to 100 million Views RIP Dolph🐬🐬🐬
  • @jefftc14
    this man had a top tier unmatched ability for picking beats
  • Dolph the world didn't want you to go! You inspired the world to make money and be their own boss! You always gave back and no other rapper can take your place! Long Live The King of Memphis ❤️
  • The bars about he living hell on earth and he tired of rapping and wants to go be with his granny gave me chills
  • @julius5365
    Rip Dolph gone but never forgotten lets get this to trending #1
  • @ImBeneficial
    Dolph creates these vibes that hit different, such a tragedy he's gone, but hes not forgotten thats for sure.
  • Crazy how I've grew to love this man's music after death ..true definition of your ppl not letting a legend die..LLD‼️😌💛
  • Dolph was the one that did me in when he died. I never met the man a day in my life but I loved his style of rap so much. The way he delivers it and all the false beat drops that you assume is about to happen when you listen to a song of his the first time and you ready for it and you just about to pump that fist to it but nah just more Dolph. Shit always cracked me up in a way but like in 100 shots I swear to god man the beat don’t actually really drop until like 3/4ths of the damn song has played…. But when it does shhheeeeee worth it. RIP DOLPH unfortunately this world just couldn’t understand what they had. The only good thing to come of it is the fact that all the good ones in this world worth there weight are living in the ground. We can’t never have nothing nice I swear. Especially in the hip hop world. It’s gotten so bad I’m waiting for got damn NBA and NFL players to start doing drills on each other. If you think about it it makes almost as much sense as this shit do anymore. I can guarantee if you was to ever ask someone like Von or Durk what they opps really did to deserve to die the horrible deaths they gifted them they wouldn’t even know bruh. Can’t y’all see the system was designed in a way that even if y’all do make it out the hood they’ve got a way of causing you to be jealous over it instead of proud so you kill em over it. They made sure even when y’all become successful you still lose and it’s making me sick my brothers and sisters of color need to stand up and unite and once we’ve smoothed out all those rough edges then we need to ALL get along together. With that the government and everyone else who helped design this evil one sided shit can begin to pay for it.
  • Young Dolph goes so hard on this, never disappointed. he is not like other rappers who are going viral by using authentic views to get the views up. Thumbs up who agree
  • @YoSuey
    So glad he got a good company to keep doing his visuals after he passed.
  • @eyowfoou6656
    Got goosebumps when I heard his voice. No one will ever compare to Dolph
  • @samm3498
    I promise I heard this 1000 times since it came out and feel every word🐬🐬
  • @smokedad7929
    Ain't nobody rapping like Dolph did. His whole style. Unmatched.