Rescuing A Baby Yoda from Capitalism

Published 2020-11-07
Just a fun video of me in my Mandalorian armor going to rescue myself a Baby Yoda

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All Comments (21)
  • Andrew S
    Who needs a mask when you have armor.
  • Sean Chung
    Mando: "Excuse me, where can I find the baby yodas?"
    Walmart staff: "this is the way"
  • Wanderlust 12
    Scared Walmart Employee: “U-Um... o-our Baby Yodas are now... t-twenty percent off?” 😅

    Mandolorian: “....I like those odds.”
  • Mando.... “If you hurt him, there is no place you will be able to hide from me....”

    Walmart greeter... “Sir, I just need to check your receipt.”
  • Mark Power
    Unrealistic, the Mandalorian hates droids, why would he use a self check out counter

    Edit: I know he doesn't mind droids in the new season, I was just making a joke
  • MagnusMunch
    "I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold".
    "Sir this is the fish counter".
  • imagine being some kid bored out of your mind while shopping with your mom and you see this happen
  • Ethan Bus
    Cashier: Bring me the child
    Mando: No, I don’t think I will
    Cashier: Sir, I need to scan the item so you can pay
  • tariqari
    “Saving from capitalism...” buys baby Yoda... “Ironic...”
  • Pax Vostrum
    Mando is picking a baby Yoda...

    Manager: Sir, are you sure? these are meant for kids
    Mando: "These " mean to me more then you will ever know
  • Argh JayEm
    Glad to see someone is taking face protection and personal protective equipment seriously during the pandemic! 🤣
  • steppc
    I'm surprised a random person didnt even stare at him for wearing a costume into a store. They all thought it seemed normal
  • Nuña Bisness
    “It means more to me than you will ever know”
  • 3DCypher
    The armour is so shiny!!! It looks amazing!!!
  • Valerio Elia
    At the counter: "59.99$ please"
    "such a huge bounty for such a small package"
  • cochese95
    I think he now needs to go around asking random people on the street “Are you a Jedi? I need return him to his own kind.”
  • Shai Hulud
    I was so hoping he had the Razorcrest parked outside.
  • OkwStudios
    That mando armour is sick.
    I have spoken
  • Username546
    "Shopping is a complicated profession... Wouldn't you agree?"
  • Sierra Foxtrot
    Customer: "Excuse me sir, where did you find this Baby Yoda plush doll that you're holding?"
    Mando (points to the aisle): "This is the way."