How the Creators of DBZ Tenkaichi picking the Characters for the new Game

Published 2023-03-17

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  • Rhymestyle
    This the most accurate video I’ve seen
  • Raphi Games
    You know you a true Tenkaichi 3 player when you laughed on the "Give them all Full Power Energy Wave" line. 😂 😂
  • re man
    giving them all full power energy wave is such a deep cut. you know they're real fans
  • Ferty Hcoe
    They actually could do all of Freiza's henchmen. It could just be ONE character. But with 40 different costume options. Same moveset no matter which costume you pick.
  • Lare Def
    “Is you crazy? Appule?!?!” Has me laughing too hard😂
  • ZeroShikino
    Facts, A lot of DBZ characters got sum screen time bcuz of the Tenkaichi games. One thing I hope they bring back is the What If saga. That shit was fun back in the days. Also putting in codes for the op characters so we and my bros can have a 5v5 against the CPU with the Op characters and I remember every time we would try to hit the Cpu with a specials. They would like insta teleport like a hundred times in mid explosion.
  • Corey 😈
    The “Give them all Full Power Energy Wave” hits when you remember like half the roster had full power energy wave or volley 😂😂

    Edit: Can’t forget the Super Explosive Wave 😂😂

    Double Edit: I think I’ve just hit a new career high on likes. I appreciate you all for the current 7k 😭😭
  • Kedo
    We also need that Super Mad Employee 3, he'd be a SUBLIME addition to the roster!!!!
  • William Breeze
    I love how Mark added one of the most random Naruto characters to the game lmoa.
  • Role-Play Gamer
    Even if most are just reskins, I hope they add every DB/DBZ/DBS/DBGT character. Even the random farmer that held his own against Raditz.
  • T J
    1:24 the way he says Appule gets me everytime for some reason 😂😂
    He definitely made it in the game tho lmao
  • Nic Fenner
    For real though, this roster better have Oolong, Tarble, and Monster Carrot if Appule makes it again 😂
  • GhostFace
    Leland's facial expressions are perfect, he always has me dying. Mark ignorant as usual😂
  • Joshua DeSousa
    Ahhhh BT3 where there were literally 20 Gokus, but what was so exciting compared to the original Budokai is how each transformation had a completely different combo and moveset
  • G
    In addition to Full Power Energy Wave™ maybe we will also be graced with more High-Speed Rush™ for every other character.
  • jason footer
    I pray to God they never go out of style cause they are creative and HILARIOUS AF
  • Zatomi
    Like... this might seem like a joke to people who haven't played 2 and 3, but this is entirely accurate. They put multiple dudes who appeared in ONE, a singular episode of Dragon Ball, in Tenkaichi 3. Had one-off villains from when Goku was a child in the game with Z characters like Cell and all the movie villains like Jenemba and Android 13. They really said "Everyone Is Here"
  • Gabriel Cuevas
    Leland’s face when the guest characters started showing up was priceless “ that’s one of the strongest forms” -mark
  • shotzcapalot
    “give them all full power energy wave” is the most accurate thing i’ve heard today 😂
  • Fred 006
    Best part is that Frieza's soldier in Tenkaichi 3 had not one, but two energy waves