Steve Carell’s Impression Of A Joyless Laughing Guy | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Published 2020-08-18
(Original airdate: 08/18/05) Steve Carell debuts a new character, talks about being the poster boy for virginity, and describes what it was like to have his chest waxed in one take. PLUS: Conan recreates "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" movie poster.

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Steve Carell’s Impression Of A Joyless Laughing Guy | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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  • @ryansmith5918
    I love how his German accent is just him yelling at the top of his lungs
  • @huzaifmalik
    He looks so much like the actor from Threat Level Midnight.
  • @theshadow9238
    Everyone forgetting about the time Michael went to New York, thought he saw Tina Fey, and Conan walked right past him without him even noticing
  • @jeffreydean5112
    Conan is very fortunate. Usually Michael Scarn doesn’t do talk shows.
  • @8tonystark8
    2 Germans in a bar in London: - Two Martinis, please. - Dry? - NEIN!! ZWEI!!
  • @drumbum9963
    Steve Carell has such a genuinely sincere, self-aware sense of humor. It never really seems like he's acting at all
  • @jamespacia8610
    Ok there’s gotta be a mistake here, that’s Michael Scott.
  • @ramyap6410
    Joyless laughing guy? You mean Jimmy Fallon?
  • @anonym58063
    His impression of a German guy is EXACTLY how I would imagine Michael Scott's impression of a German guy lol
  • @S4Daves
    I met this guy in prison, we fought some dementors
  • @tkillcoin
    The thing that makes the "40-Year-Old Virgin" poster so wonderful is that Steve Carell's smile tells you everything you need to know about that character. He is so earnest and hopeful, but about life in general, not the prospect of having sex. If you imagine it as a documentary, it's almost as if they told this guy he was going to be in a major motion picture, then took the picture, then told him the title of the movie.
  • @fishfashfosh
    Michael Scott loves laughing at his own jokes in the office but Steve Carell don’t
  • @skullisland2872
    He must be very entertaining for his kids growing up and a very fun dad.
  • @lupo3414
    As a german, I can confirm we talk like that
  • @-8_8-
    "what do you mean?" This guy is what perfectionist dry comedy looks like.
  • @Lightbearer97
    I can't believe Michael Scott is on Conan. His comedy has brought him fame. Very Proud!