Japan Has a Rover on the Moon... But Could Be Lost Forever

Published 2024-02-13
Unlock the secrets of Japan's historic lunar landing with SLIM – the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon. Join us as we delve into its incredible journey, challenges, and potential game-changing impact on future space exploration!

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  • @s4-bf6vp
    This script was written a while ago! "Technical issue" was an entire engine nozzel falling off 😅 slim is back online after the sun hit the panels as of jan 29, and jaxa has classed it as an "exceptional success" as it has been beaming back data. We also have pictures of the actual lander on the surface from rover 2!
  • @Gitshiver
    So what you're telling us is, Japan's chances at lunar surface exploration just went from SLIM to none . . . BUH DA BUM BUM TISS
  • The Japanese have invented a hopping probe and one that rolls along the surface. Got to love the Japanese's ingenuity.
  • @2150dalek
    Congratulations Japan! Amazing & hi tech navigational landing. As well as creative recovery of some data.
  • @antibrevity
    12:33. The script refers to Spirit and Opportunity rovers while showing an animation of Perseverance; a very different rover that doesn't much care whether it's day or night as it has a nuclear-decay power supply. Lunar nights are long and it's almost certain that SLIM will never wake up afterward. This is a good video, but was already out of date when it uploaded and that's going to happen when the subject matter is an active news story. Channels either need to streamline their process to get the latest data or stick to discussions that aren't as time-sensitive.
  • Ok seriously, where do I subscribe to be notified every time Simon launches a new channel?
  • @stax6092
    Awesome. Japan showing that a soft landing can be done let alone having done it so well is just fantastic.
  • I swear, every single day I find some amazing new 'Simon project' and duh, of course I subscribe. legit question, Simon, how do you have the time to do all these amazing and interesting projects and still have time for your family?? absolutely insane, good on ya ❤
  • @Beryllahawk
    I am more than willing for any and every space related video, because I will never get enough of Simon and team geeking out over this stuff!
  • @Veldiirn
    Yes please to additional videos
  • @chriswoodend2036
    It didn't land correctly, but it landed intact. It counts as a soft landing.
  • @itarry4
    And we all hopefully learn from our mistakes. In this case I get the feeling that on future landers there will be some solution for the positioning of the solar panels and companies, governments, etc will make sure there's some way to ensure the lander always has some ability at least to recharge its batteries at least enough to repositioned itself to start collecting the sun light it needs to be operational. As you said though just what they achieved is amazing and should help bring bigger and better things in the future.
  • @Cheffe919
    Daemm, haven't been this early in decades xD
  • @M335h1
    Yay japan! Fingers crossed for slims longevity! 😍
  • I helped build XRISM and flew out to Japan for some last minute repairs before launch. I'd love to see a video on it.
  • @jackbuff_I
    Cant we just turn the moon upside down?... or move the Sun?
  • @padawanmage71
    I am curious as to a followup video as to how SLIM landed the way it did. Either way, please more Astro videos!