I Tried The Best Taco In The World

Published 2024-06-09

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  • Josh how am I supposed to know you're in Mexico when my screen isn't completely saturated in sepia tone.
  • @ElGuzii
    I’m a Mexican LIVING in Mexico and Josh has eaten more varieties of tacos than I have in my whole life! 🤣 Thanks for showing love to our country! ❤
  • The production value of this video is just PURE GOLD.. this video is the gift that keeps on giving.. EVERY aspect of this video is sooooooo well done, so informative and really fun. You've outdone yourself with this one, team.. amazing!
  • Mexican here and I can attest this is the best "Taco" tour I've ever seen. Anyone coming to Mexico City should be referred to this video.
  • @MissEiffel13
    As a mexican living in Mexico, I just wanna say that it's great to see they took you to small/street/popular businesses and not to fancy restaurants, there is where you get the real flavors. Also it was really nice to see Gaby a little nervous at the beginning but then just see her joking around as part of the crew. Favorite video for sure!
  • @yairgomez9090
    I've been dealing with depression lately due to a traumatic event on my life, this video made me so happy it made me forget about all that stuff for a while, now I have a short term objective, to try each and everyone of these tacos myself, thank you Joshua, you've been amazing for me ever since I stumbled into your channel.
  • just a correction from someone who studies culinary arts in mexico, as a mexican, Quesadilla do need to have cheese to be considered one, the only states where they dont have cheese is on the capitol and surrounding states. In the rest of the republic there is no such thing as a cheeseless quesadilla. Barbacoa is not weekends exclusive.
  • "I've known him since he was very young. And I was young too. Now.... we are still young." Lol
  • @MusictagJazz
    Wow, what an epic taco adventure! 🌮 So cool to see Josh diving into the real flavors of Mexico City with Gaby’s guidance. Can't wait to visit!
  • @Sooch900
    Love everything about this video! Perfectly balanced with respect, comedy and honesty. Gabby was awesome and loved seeing all the amazing types of tacos from mom and pop shops in Mexico! More travel videos like this please 🙏
  • Since Anthony Bourdain I haven’t seen a food tour this good, fun, and seriously informative at the same time. You should do a show for whatever streaming service you want, traveling around!!!!!! Amazing video
  • Gaby was a wonderful co Host. Very entertaining to watch the both of you. and yeah, i crave tacos now :(
  • @psman85
    Don't listen to the Quesadilla explanation, a quesadilla always has to have cheese, the myth it doesn't need cheese only applies to people from that city.
  • @Agent28Rock
    Absolutely loved this video! Probably, my favorite video Josh has ever made. Tacos, what a simple concept, but punch so much flavor!
  • @madrid803
    "If you don't end your night with tongue, what are you doing?" Wiser words have never been spoken
  • As a Mexican from Mexico thank you for showing Mexico's tacos and just enjoying our culture. My mouth watered so much
  • @_jerieljan
    Street tacos are amazing. I had one of these in a recent trip and what really got to me was how simple it all was, but all the things that makes it stand out are there — fresh and hot ingredients, the texture and the juices, and of course, the flavor. It's magnificent.
  • I LOVE this content of you traveling, all around one of the best to do it!