DON'T Look For Herobrine's Scary Twin...

Published 2024-05-25
DON'T Look For Herobrine's Scary Twin...

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In this scary simulation challenge we search for herobrine's secret brother, simon_12. We are busting scary minecraft myths about herobrine and solving minecraft mysteries. This is inspired by Render's herobrine video. Also the minecraft myth scary entity the screaming villager. If you make any loud sound or noise, the minecraft seed gets scarier, where if you scream, take damage, or die this minecraft seed gets more scary on hardcore. The scariest minecraft myths were added to this cursed seed. There are many unsolved minecraft mysteries like the skinwalker cave, dweller, evolved parasite outbreaks, nightmare.exe, and Herobrine added to my minecraft hardcore world. This is similar to Minecraft Players Simulate, Testing Scary Minecraft Seeds to Prove them fake, 100 Players Simulate Civilization, We Survived the Scariest Minecraft Seed, If I Scream Minecraft Gets More SCARY, It's time to evacuate my Hardcore Minecraft World... and from the fog minecraft, and 100 days minecraft hardcore. This is similar to Forgelabs, Shadowmech, Legundo, acookiegod, Quiff, Doni Bobes, Bionic, MrBeast, SpeedSilver, Liger, and Calvin. This is on minecraft 1.20.

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All Comments (21)
  • @Shadow13844
    If you slow down on this part and look to the right you can see him again 12:32
  • @KrushGames23
    Nobi Nobis actually is wanting friends. He's the good twin. I believe he's the one who actually is asking players to help spread his existence
  • Herobryan rn: It burns burns burns His twin rn: Herobrine is so hot Herobrine right now: it burns burns burns His twin right now: Oh that fire oh my god
  • Did anyone else realize when they went to bed, at 7:00 the chicken died and when they got up it said 0 out of 3 in bed when there’s 4 of them?
  • @ITSLOLAA342
    11:06 "i cant see past your big head" actually got me rolling lol btw kiply this is amazing content ✓✓
  • @user-ji8zb2xs2y
    who agrees on part 2 ? and just a pepper disappeared in the group photo
  • @itznjplayz4757
    “there’s a village here and it’s kinda weird” -Quiff 2024
  • @jamesbarnes4851
    It's interesting that Pepper is gone in the group selfie and replaced with the "twin"? I think pepper has been trolling lol. Also, it is my daughter's 5th birthday on the 28th. We watch all your videos together and are huge fans. If you see this, could you do a shout out in the comments to her? It would blow her mind! Thank you! Big fan! ❤
  • @Lexi-zi5bd
    Is it not a coincidence that when kiply said " i dont want anybody to blow up the chicken" that a couple minutes later the chicken disappeared? 😅
  • @rickomeasoo1765
    A scary twin of Herobrine but why did he got blood on it? Peper: hmmm?!
  • @Pup_on_paws
    YES THE QUEEN OF MINECRAFT POSTED!!!!!!!!! EDIT: Kiply, I really want to see you get trapped, turn against your friends, or get infected in one of these! IT WOULD BE A GREAT PLOT TWIST! And I would love to see the POV of getting trapped from you! Just an idea!
  • Kiply, you forgot the red t shirt guy when Skidzzie asked "Which way should we go, left or right?" when you looked left, I saw him, right guys? And when Pepper went to the place where there is a enderman I saw him walking away behind the trees so that Pepper could not see him.
  • @kuuleipcshortz
    If you guys look closely at the ending, pepper is not in the photo, instead, it is Nobi Nobis, so, pepper IS secretly Nobi Nobis!!!!
  • Did anybody else realize at 30:37 all the capital letters spell out "WHY HIM" before Kiply did or am i the only one.....?
  • @EliteSnowBS
    Did anyone see herobrine when kiply looked at the flame trail while building the skull 34:48-49
  • @पिशें
    I have two details currently 1. Why did Nobi appear at the group photo?, maybe because they befriend him at 22:04 2. Nobi becomes Pepper at the end because Pepper was actually kind of silent not speaking, like Nobi, Nobi was silent only communicating only in signs (But we know that the answer is still unknown)