Grandmasters and Engines Couldn't Solve This Puzzle. Then Came The Magician

Published 2020-04-04
White to play and win! Read the entire story on this event here…

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All Comments (21)
  • Jude Catanyag
    White: Call an ambulance
    14 moves later
    White: But not for me
  • Proward
    Of course Tal is the one to solve the puzzle where you have to sacrifice half of your remaining pieces while already heavily down in material to win the game.
  • Arcadio Torres
    Engines- Nobody will solve this
    Tal- So I took that personally
  • Ethan
    I can’t wait to show this puzzle to my friends at the bar/library
    Just imagine what an upset this puzzle would cause if this position would be reached in an actual game.
  • RorschachTV
    I think he’s slowly becoming a chess piece
  • sesh
    He solved this incredibly complex puzzle when not even looking at the board? i swear these top GMs are superhuman
  • Chinmay Kabi
    Who other than Tal to solve such a puzzle. Poetic justice
  • Johnny Willer
    It's crazy, I'm using Lichess Stockfish 11+ WASMX, depth 58 and still, the engine can't spot the move!
  • Showan Imamian
    I read this puzzle in 1991 in a chess magazine, I also read that Tal shouted "this is unbelievable!" when he saw the solution.
  • Vignjev
    Imagine how badass you are if you come as journalist to tournament end up playing it and finishing 6th
  • betaneptune
    Till now I thought the only reason not to pick a queen when "queening" was to avoid a stalemate. Not so! What an incredible puzzle. Just increasing awe the whole way through. Well done! Thank you, agadmator! Wow.
  • Tom M
    That feeling when you spend 5 minutes of the video trying to solve the puzzle and then you realise that you were looking at the board as if it was flipped ... I thought it was strange for the puzzle to start as white king is checked by the pawn.
    I may not be the best chess player material afterall Lol
  • Mr. Smith
    I’ve played about 30k games. I could have never solved this puzzle. It’s just a game, but It reminds me of what my teacher’s use to tell me after I stated “when would I use trigonometry in day to day life” and their response “it helps expand your mind”.
  • wixom01
    I've been playing chess for more than 50 years. This is the most incredible puzzle I've ever seen!
  • Krishna K.R
    I used the Stockfish engine on lichess and while watching the video and it was at 6:58 that when I played Bc2+ the level went up to +4.8 for white. This was the winning move that the engine could not spot that Tal could. Before I played this move, the level was at -5.2. Very interesting observation. Also, at 7:12, instead of playing Nf7+, the engine recommends to play Kg4 instead as it avoids the unstoppable mate in 11. I let the engine play itself and the game subsequently ends with white winning after exactly 30 moves after Kg4.
    One of the most under-rated aspects of this channel is the perfect pronunciation of all the difficult Eastern names.
  • I’ll never understand how a human can come up with puzzles like this lol absolutely insane