I Tried Every Airline In America

Published 2024-04-13
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spoiler Final tier list of all airlines:

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All Comments (21)
  • @Theblahaj
    Tamisha is the sweetest person ever in this video 😭 Bring her back please airrack!!
  • your youtube channel banner says new videos every week, this is wholly inaccurate
  • @Kie3s
    Doxrack 💀💀 😭😭
  • @michaelchanin
    Bro. The ending. The raw reality of this entire thing .. was the peak of this video.
  • @Onslaught3675
    He looks like he’s one drop of sweat away from a scandal
  • @IronTan
    now we need jacks bathroom reviews at gas stations.
  • @M1ss.G4cha
    All airlines 0:41 United Airlines 1:56 Horizon airlines 3:05 Avelo Airlines 3:13 JSX 3:35 Skywest Airlines 4:42 Allegiant Air 5:00 Southwest Airlines 5:53 Sprit Airlines 7:20 Contour airlines 7:44 Flying Finn 7:54 Envoy Airlines 9:51 Silver Airways 10:20 Breeze Airlines 12:15 Frontier 14:45 Delta 16:35 Republic Airways 16:36 New Pacific airways 16:37 Delta Republic 16:38 Delta Connection 17:35 Cape air 18:17 Jet Blue 18:31 Endeavor Air 19:12 Suncountry Airlines and 19:14 Hawaiian Airlines 19:45 Alaska Airlines 21:43 Mokulele Airlines 21:47 Lāna ‘I Air 22:07 Boutique Air
  • @hittheball85
    I heard a story a long time ago from a cousin of mine. He told me that my late grandfather once gave him advice when he was feeling so lonely from traveling with work, that some of the best conversations you can have are the ones with people you meet at an airport. Thanks for reminding me of that story. And thanks for making your best video yet.
  • @sukogos8700
    It literally wasn’t the best airline, it was the friends we made along the way
  • @Boylewav
    The ending of this video had no right to be this emotional 😭
  • @AbramTexasball
    That flight attendant on Frontier is probably the friendliest flight attendant I've ever seen in person or in a video
  • @DeD11734
    Tamisha was the literal best flight attendant ever! Would love to see her back!
  • Never thought Id get emotional after an Airrack video - moms deserve all the time and love!
  • @Neil6989
    Amsterdam airport is the best airport I’ve ever been to. It’s huge. It has three hotels and over 100 restaurants.
  • @ZuiYe
    Did that other guy leave you for Mr. Beast?