Meet Max | Oddballs

Published 2022-09-21

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  • Hypno
    “Big idea. What if we make a show with like, a talking alligator and he’s like ‘yo, what? I’m a crocodile!’”
  • yourlocalPUNK
    to think that james went from making comics in his bedroom to having his own official cartoon is
    insane to me, i saw him on tumblr in 2013 and since then have kept watching, he should be incredibly proud of himself.
  • lolz
    Video: Is an innocent, lighthearted kids show
    Comments: R u l e 3 4 💀💀💀
  • ToonDoggo
    It's still crazy to me you got a Netflix show. Can't wait to see it!
  • Weird that it's a crocodile and not the Boy Scout...Dragon..thing😂
    "We be loyal Scouts" "cuz we talk like Pirates" 😎
  • Wolfshine2005
    I am just loving the voice actor for him! ❤❤❤
  • He is sooo adorable! I love his energy. I just want to hug him and be buddies with him
  • CircusZero
    Bro I was literally sitting here thinking hey, I would watch a show of this, the absolute gasp I let out at the end tho😂🤣😂🤣
  • SleepyLuna
    I thought their place was the teen titan's T house for a second-
  • Hajebde
    "More firewood to the fire, we hope to see you survive, Max."
  • ZacTFF
    Oh boy The Furry/Scalie Fandom is going to have a field day with this croc
  • If you came out on nickelodeon when i was 10 i wouldve watched this alll the time! Cant wait to see it
  • Lil Boba :D
    I found the trailer for this a few days ago, I’m so excited!!
  • MAW
    Rule 34 Artists:
  • Blaze II
    I actually can’t wait to watch this on Netflix hopefully it comes out in my region
  • Russian Spy
    can’t wait I’m so excited to see the is halve crazy crocodile halve friend show
  • Why do i feel llike that 50% of the show is gonna be typical James-Storytime humor and the other 50% is gonna be cringe wanna-be-funny-humor-to-make-the-kids-laugh-which-won't-work?
  • As a person who owns a reptile this is entirely accurate, can’t wait to watch the show!