Luke Combs - 5 Leaf Clover (Official Lyric Video)

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Kylo Rem Gaming
    Think this song will end up on all of the “Best of Luke Combs” playlists. What a track.
  • Cj Hirsch
    Dude can't make a bad song. I know he doesn't write all of them, nobody writes every single one, but I'll be damned if I find one I don't enjoy (everyone has overplayed shit on the radio and that's why Spotify is such a blessing 😂) God bless Luke, Nicole and Tex ❤️
  • aeucn usio
    It will always be a good day when you have a new Luke Combs song to listen to
  • Payton Pemberton
    I'm literally in love with this song and the love Luke has for his family and life!
  • Country Boy_19
    In my opinion, this song, should be #1, on a list, of your top 5, best songs you’ve ever done. It’s an awesome song! LOVE IT! Keep up the great work, Luke! 😎👍
  • This song hits hard. Feels like that used to be me... things haven't been the same. I've done everything right and the one thing I ask for, God the universe whatever says no. I don't want anything from anyone anymore. I don't think it's asking for a lot for that one thing but maybe I've been too greedy asking for it. Either way I'm done with doing everything and more for others. I know it's my fault for the choice I made years ago. But I figured at least this one thing I asked for I could have... nahhh I'm just going to float on by and watch everything go. Feeling numb has been a better feeling than feeling like crap. That's why we have tequila and whatever else the appetite sees fit. Great song Luke. I mean that with every ounce of respect for you. Here's an idea read this comment and you can use it to make a song. I'm not being sarcastic I literally noticed you can when I was typing lol
  • Man Luke just has a way to bring emotion into his songs. I love it.
  • Brian Womack
    Luke is amazing. Hard to believe someone can keep doing songs that are so good. Beautiful song
  • Jim Vilandre
    Luke you are amazing! Just love how you can take any subject and knock it out of the park. I am a songwriter as well. It's an honor to hear such wonderful music! Thank you for being awesome!
  • Jake Currie
    This man never disappoints people with songs another great song
  • Proffabiam
    Dear Mr. Luke, thank you so much for attending to our plea... Releasing this piece means a lot to some of us. 😍😍
  • Veno Jr
    In love with them lyrics! You Sir can never make a bad song! Much loves! Im melting!🥹❤️
  • I think this album might just be my favorite! These songs are just simply beautiful! Love love love
  • Steven Loredo
    How!? How do you always make great songs!? Thank you so much for being you!!
  • Drew Everett
    This dude can't miss. another flawless record 💯💯💯
  • Caroline
    This is such a beautiful song!!❤❤You never make a bad song!❤
  • Hoozmanz
    Been waiting for this album and I’ve been working sooooo hard that I forgot it got released 👍🏽