Race Highlights | 2023 Singapore Grand Prix

Published 2023-09-17

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  • @rt-uh6mt
    Engineer: "Lando .8 behind with DRS" Carlos: "That was on purpose." One of the greatest freaking driver radios ever.
  • 4 drivers and 3 manufacturers fighting for the top step on the last lap is what we’ve been craving all season.
  • @maritta01
    The way Carlos developed the perfect strategy by himself, while driving at 300 kmh, in suffocating conditions, and with tons of pressure... Mastermind
  • @mansoorf1hussain
    Sainz was playing Spanish guitar with DRS & got the win. Breathtaking closing
  • Carlos helping Lando with the DRS was such a brilliant move, it was Win-Win situation for both of them. 500 iq Carlos
  • @acoldite2035
    First ever race I've attended in person, and of course it's the race of the season. Absolutely phenomenal experience
  • @IIssac-hk9ks
    For those who still don’t understand what Sainz did: Russel (and Hamilton)on new medium tyre are much faster than Sainz and Norris (closing in 2sec/lap), who both on old hards. Earlier the Mercedes with DRS on straight both easily passed Leclerc, who are also on old hards. So it is clearly that they will pass Norris easily as well, which threatens Sainz’s P1 in no time. So in order to prevent/ delay this happen, Sainz decided to slow down slightly and keep Norris within 1 sec gap to himself, this gave Norris DRS, which buffer the effectiveness of Russel’s DRS on Norris. Now that both Norris and Russel gets DRS, their speed on straights are more close, which made Norris able to defend Russel from passing him on straights, and Norris defending Russel will make both of them lose time against Sainz, and THATS THE POINT. Turns out the plan worked perfectly.
  • @mohaiscool8182
    What a drive by sainz, he played this race beautifully, using lando to help himself and him. What a race
  • @avitecae
    Sainz's strategy with Lando's DRS was simply brilliant.
  • That last lap incident will haunt george russell forever And it happened again 💀
  • @bigmac69yall
    I like the way that Carlos purposely kept Lando within DRS activation to help him stay ahead of the mercedes. Great drive by all.
  • @antedoko5596
    "It's on purpose " it will stay as legendary quote. SMOOTH OPERATOR AT HIS FINEST
  • @galileo5087
    I was really thrilled when Carlos told "It's on purpose." to his engineer.
  • @simmer484
    Being a Mclaren fan from the Hakkinen era, I never in 20+ years thought I'd be celebrating a ferrari win. But that team, its drivers and its fans have had to endure so much heart ache these last couple of years. A truly deserved win and the masterclass of Sainz, even ex driver pundits didn't realise what he was doing until he announced it on the radio. That is next level. Well done!
  • @moisesgil508
    Carlos should be declared "Minister of Strategy", what he did with Lando was absolutely brilliant.
  • @RobertLewis85
    Carlando working as a team to keep 1-2 was amazing.
  • @asmerX100
    As usual Sainz has a better strategy than Ferrari could ever think of...bravo Sainz
  • @876yuugt
    Been watching F1 since the late 80s. One of the best wins this old fan has seen. Brilliant.
  • @garyyytan
    The big brain of Carlos Sainz helping himself and Norris is incredible! This is why its important to make friends on the field