Mom vs. Grandma. Who won? 😂 #shorts

Published 2022-08-02

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  • ZeCinnamonTree
    I thought granny would say 'thats my retirement fund right there'
    But no, her entire life savings. 😎
  • XxKitCatBar
    "That's my life savings right there" Imao that got me laughing
  • BlakeMC
    Grandma: thats my whole life savings right there
    Me: dies of laughter 😂
  • Kayla Belknap
    I thought the grandmother would say"that's all my money right there" but no its says"my entire life savings"
  • Anisah Aminun
    "they so soft!"
    Cookie:ofc I am soft,your grannie is now my fav
  • Jhonny Taveras
    That’s my life savings right their had a smile on my face
  • Don Channel
    I got reverse
    My mom it's my livesaver
    My grandma it's always mad at me
  • “That’s my entire life savings right there”
    Her:”aw thanks grandma!”
    Also her: crashes it the next day
  • Granny wins and I love your video's there so funny 😆 🤣 ❤💗
  • Lai Theng Kong
    "That's my life savings right there"
    How many years did this grandma not eat
  • That's why I love my great grandma too but my mom abuses me 😭😭
  • AG
    Oh thats my life savings right there