69 Myths BUSTED in Fortnite SEASON 4!

Published 2022-11-23

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  • StephBarnhart26
    The reason he didn’t go to spawn island is because, he didn’t have enough crash pads stacked up
  • sumee26
    good job Txns cannot wait to see you do more myths in chapter 4 season 1
  • Fairen Tucker
    Love your videos your my favorite YouTuber keep up the good work
  • Ztv
    I can’t wait for you to do all the myths in chapter 4 season one
  • Bballboy
    Chapter 4 is a chapter for more content, keep up the work
  • Henry Rowbotham
    The slipstream bullets curve with the Cobra and pumpkin launcher
  • Daniel Real
    I tried the infinite Xp and it didn’t work
  • deepro!
    bro you can find exotics from basically any npc
  • Andyboii
    He havent tried REAL 69 yet….

  • Teo*
    myth 70 can you still open a chest in chapter 3?
  • Temo
    it will be happy if the xp glich worked
  • VukanX
    did u really clasify a normal dial a drop use for a myth
  • TheGayani
    Is it me or did fishy’s voice get deeper
  • Mxxy
    I haven't watched you in a long time and fishy sounds so different