Wana Decrypt0r (Wanacry Ransomware) - Computerphile

Published 2017-05-15
$300 or your files are toast: Dr Pound takes a look at the latest ransomware to be doing the rounds.

How Wana Decrypt0r encrypts files:

Microsoft Blog: bit.ly/Computerphile-Wana_MS
Professor Ross Anderson's blog: bit.ly/Computerphile-Wana_Ross
MalwareTech's blog: bit.ly/Computerphile-Wana_Mal

End to End Encryption: https://youtu.be/jkV1KEJGKRA
Internet of Things Problems: https://youtu.be/PLiE0Nr8VOE


This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: bit.ly/nottscomputer

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  • TheTruthSentMe
    I hope this guy will be in many more videos on this channel. I find the stuff he is talking about so fascinating.
  • Anis Optera
    The problem with Microsofts update policy is they don't discern between security, driver and feature updates.
    Security updates should be installed instantly.
    Driver updates can break whole system. Nvidia.seems very prone to this.
    Feature Updates are almost guaranteed to introduce new bugs.
  • Vortex _
    So the MalwareTech dude that he was talking about, he found the killswitch and then was hailed a hero. He lived in the UK and went to Las Vegas for a vacation and guess what? The FBI arrested him at the airport. It's because in his younger years when he was learning how to hack, he made a malware which he mistakenly sold to someone. The malware was then incorporated with Kronos which led to sensitive bank information to be leaked. He had trials and he wasn't allowed to leave the U.S. nor, was he allowed to legally work there for 18 months. He finally gave up and accepted his charges. On the day of his sentencing, the Judge let him go as he had done the world a huge favor by finding the killswitch and disabling WanaCry ransomware. A very interesting documentary, indeed! {also, when he was arrested, he was left on bail on a bond of $30k, his story got out in his country and the very second day, the community had paid it off completely!}
  • Armin Imamovic
    Officer: How did the hacker escape?
    Me: I don't know he just ransomware
  • Nathan Ash
    "If you're running XP, the first think you should do is turn off your machine because you have no business running XP" lol
  • clul100
    I believe that is the first time someone argued for the forced updates in Windows 10
  • SkinnyCow
    Someone hacked the NSA and stole their backdoor exploits. Damn, those dudes must have a seriously large set of balls.
  • qwerty975311
    Dr. Pound is my favorite presenter you feature on this channel. He's very well spoken and clear in his explanations. I also enjoy his drawings that illustrate what he is talking about.
  • Iyaan Azeez
    I have always been fascinated by the engineering that goes into crafting these malwares. Just mind blowing details
  • Ben
    "All software have bugs" um rude, my Hello World program is perfect and has no bugs, how dare you.
  • SamZcko
    Hey mike, I know you aren't reading this but thank you so much for being a breath of fresh air when defending Microsoft (the company I do tech support for). We get calls daily from customers who still in 2020 have not upgraded to Windows 10 and blame us for getting a virus on their machine running Windows 7. Thank you Michael Pound!!!
  • George Hornsby
    Paid $300 to get my computer decrypted so I could watch this video
  • I love the shadow brokers. I think it's far more ethical to tell everyone about the existence of these exploits and the fact that a so called "Security" agency knew about them and kept them a secret arrogantly thinking that nobody would know. Far more than someone who knows about an exploit and doesn't tell anybody so that everybody is vulnerable. What if some third party found the exploit and used it without telling anybody, far more problems could arise as microsoft wouldn't have put out a patch.
  • Derek Foulk
    I love the new content you guys are making, this channel is quickly becoming my favorite! Keep up the good work guys!
  • NevaehBeatez
    I think failure to report a vulnerability like this should be a crime, but we all know NSA is outside of the law
  • TheEndTrend
    6:52 As a "lone wolf" SysAdmin, this kept me up at night back in 2017...honestly pretty terrifying, the thought of ransomware worm ripping through the corporate LAN you manage! Luckily I was able to react quickly enough and get everything patched.
  • statikreg
    I've switched all my computers to linux. I finished the last one up just a week before this came out. This sort of thing is one of the main motivating factors. Not that viruses don't exist for the platform, or that hackers wont still hack but at least there isn't any major bureaucracy holding up patches.
  • David Last Name
    Fortunately for me, my computer already has so many viruses on it theres no room for any more!
  • Nordryd
    I want Dr. Pound to teach me Computer Science. I wish I had him when I was in college
  • nicx
    This guy is such a great host. Videos about very intriguing topics and explains everything very well