Jamie Campbell Bower Talks Stranger Things, New Music and Recites Lizzo Lyrics as Vecna (Extended)

Published 2022-08-02
Jamie Campbell Bower talks about playing Vecna on season four of Stranger Things and working with Kevin Costner on a western saga before reading things Vecna would never say in the villain’s voice.

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Jamie Campbell Bower Talks Stranger Things, New Music and Recites Lizzo Lyrics as Vecna (Extended)


All Comments (21)
  • Xavier
    jamie singing lizzo in his vecna voice is something i never knew i needed
  • Can we talk about the facial expressions he does while doing Vecna's voice??? His 001 was showing! What an actor
  • TimeBucks
    He’s so chill, kind, and absolutely hilarious
  • Robin Brewer
    The fact he can go from having a friendly voice to vecnas voice is insane. I thought it was edited, but holy crap that is actually his voice
  • Nico Saunders
    This guys is wildly charismatic; this is just the beginning for him, this man is going to be one of the biggest stars of this generation.
  • A Tree
    He got people to hate his character and to love him as an actor. A Very talented man indeed
  • Danilu HH
    Save this message Jimmy, in the future you have to put Jamie and Joseph together, those two together are pure dynamite.
  • Jamie ALWAYS credits the make up and costumes artists whenever asked about the process to become Vecna, if that isn’t just another reason to love him, idk what else to say lol!
  • Cici Alex
    Whenever he does Vecna's voice, it's so chilling yet cool! Jamie and his voice acting skills are so magical!
  • Brandi Brown
    This guy is low-key the franchise/series king, isn't he? He pops up all over the place. He looks great in that black suit btw. Probably my favorite look for him.
  • gabbiesworld6
    Jimmy has been doing really good lately asking his guests more than just their most recent stuff. Asking Jamie about his song, you can tell how happy he was. Same with asking about the Kevin movie. Good job Jimmy
  • Can we all agree that Jamie Campbell is not just an extraordinary actor but has got so many other talents. Hope he lands more mind-blowing roles in the future.
  • Zimuahaha
    I'm so happy that he's finally making it BIG. I've loved him since he played Antony in Sweeney Todd (such a beautiful singing voice 🖤), and his role as a young King Arthur in Camelot.
  • Rhea
    The fact Jamie can switch into his Vecna voice so quick and easy shows how talented he is, he's such a talented guy :)
  • Jamie really nailed his role as Vecna/001 as a creepy and terrifying villain, but once he's off his costume, Jamie is really just a charasmatic and lovable normal guy who's sure to have a bright future as an actor. 👍🏽💙
  • Ro Go
    I just really want someone to acknowledge all the really unique roles he’s played in so many epic stories: Vecna from Stranger Things, Grindelwald in Harry Potter, Caius in Twilight, Anthony Hope in Sweeney Todd. He’s so talented!
  • My mom is a voice teacher and my best friend is a speech pathologist and I rushed to send this to both of them. The ability to do this is... unreal. To even manipulate the vocal folds and larynx is extreme talent.
  • JamJar
    Almost a decade into loving this man and he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves! I’m so happy for him.
  • Ugh, he had me at "well, well". And how amazingly appropriate, that his onscreen father is Robert Englund. He passed Jamie the "horror icon" torch, and he picked it up and RAN with it. Legend status achieved. What an incredible performer. 👑
  • S. C.
    I'm in shock that his Vecna voice is real 🤯Jamie is crazy talented!