How the Golden Retriever and New Tiny Kittens Became Best Friends [Cutest Compilation]

Published 2024-03-18

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  • @RosenEagle
    The way mom fully trusts the dog with her kittens, even letting her/him babysit them 😭😭
  • The fact that Mom doesn’t react in fear to the dog goes a long way to acceptance all the way around.
  • @jbrown4137
    This mother cat obviously has an awsome relationship with the retriever and knows he will be gentle and love her kittens. Awsome to see loving relationships like this with animals
  • @tracyclark4162
    Goldens are the best. You can't go wrong adding a golden to your family. The only draw back is their life span. We wanted our golden to be able to live longer. But while she was with us she made us complete and left us with great memories. We miss you Abby everyday.
  • 🙏 To the person reading this, even though I don't know you. I wish you the best of what life has to offer 🙏 😊❤
  • 55 year old 100kg tradesman........ I have something in my eyes atm 😅..... so much cuteness 😍.
  • @kayvee9094
    Momma cat knows she can trust Bailey with her babies. So sweet!
  • @michelmorin4845
    I find it beautifull to see the mom so attached to the dog to the point of leaving her kiddies with him
  • @nancynutt7632
    Where would we be without our beloved little pets ❤. Thank goodness for you.
  • @judygmcfin
    Sweetest thing ever, the way mom cuddles next to her doggy best friend, and pulls her babies into the cuddle. Her love for the dog is so precious to see.
  • @darthakaya
    Kittens: What's this big fluffy creature? It's not Mommy, but it feels comfy and safe.
  • @LeeJillian
    I've NEVER seen a momma cat sooo accepting & relaxed! Obviously she's proven right! She KNOWS she can trust this loving, gentle giant!❤🐈🐕🤗
  • @mustang4life
    This kind of "GOODNESS" is exactly what this world (internet) so desperately needs & deserves these days! 🍻🙏🏻🍻
  • @user-pg8xp4zc5t
    Золотистые ретриверы и лабрадоры самые добрые собаки. У них отсутствует ген агрессии. Это самые лучшие няни для котят,щенков и человеческих детёнышей.
  • @annamai9135
    Bailey is not a dog. He is a saint! We can learn from him how to better human beeings.❤😇
  • @parumaksuda5589
    What a beautiful scene! A mommy cat with her kittens. Retriever loves them. A lovely n glorious scene!🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤
  • Really so cute when mommy cat gets tired, the dog sitter will take over, these 2 and the kittens have such a stronger bond with the dog when they grow up, so beautiful to see
  • @user-ky9dr9yi4c
    Мама благодарит песика за ласку и милосердие, за доброту, вся семья в сборе!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤