Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition: What You Need to Know!

Published 2020-05-21
#xenobladechronicles #xenobladechroniclesde #nintendoswitch

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is releasing very soon so in this video I cover what you need to know about it for both newcomers and those that played the original from it’s story, it’s gameplay, to it’s brand new epilogue Future Connected to all the graphical improvements and quality of life features to help you decide on whether it’s for you or not!

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  • @ProjectGamerYT
    Will you be checking out Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition? Like this comment if you are! :D
  • @tehrobros5345
    I mean this in the best way but I think you sound like Korg from Thor Ragnorok. That’s awesome
  • @CptSauce
    Korg talking about Xenoblade and games in general. Subbed.
  • @Linkfan42
    Definitely looking forward to playing through this again. ...Maybe I'll actually finish it this time? XD
  • @xord5293
    Good thing I'm here... No? Anyone...?
  • @TheBetaNetwork
    Great video! What do you guys think of the new art style?