HISTORIC Snow Emergency Cripples Western New York | NBC New York

Published 2022-11-19
Jaw-dropping snow totals continue to climb in areas in and around Buffalo, New York — and there’s little slowdown ahead. News 4’s Adam Harding reports.



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  • I was born and raised in Buffalo......was in the blizzard of 77....the amount of snow dumped in this storm is crazy ! Prayers for safety!
  • @dutchflats
    Lived in the WNY area most of my life, this is just one of these episodes which hit us every 10 years or so. We will be back in business pretty quickly and most people won't be too effected except those who over-exert and suffer cardio/vascular problems. By far the worst such event here occurred here in Jan. 1977 where the drifts covered the tops of telephone poles.
  • @mamoros56
    I guess that no one remembers the Blizzard of 77... over 8 feet of snow fell in about 24 hours and combined with high winds to make drifts of up to 40 feet. I lived in a 3rd floor apartment, and the snow was just short of our balcony. In many cases it reached up to rooftops. The wind pounded the snow into the engine compartment of my brand-new car, and it wouldn't start until we dug out the snow. Cars that pulled off the roads were literally buried, and it took weeks to find and dig them out.
    Hope you all fare better this time, but never underestimate the snow in Buffalo!
  • I hope everyone stays as safe as possible there. I was a student at Buffalo State College in 2002-2004 and I remember the snow we got those winters and being mad we still had to go to class, lol. I’ve never seen anything like this. I live in Fl now so I have to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes every once in awhile. God bless you guys. Buffalo has a special place in my ❤.
  • It’s interesting from an engineering perspective, because in Minnesota (my home state), you’ll never really see a thick snow covered roof on a house. They are all designed to be taller and steeper so the snow falls off when it gets too heavy. I suppose they don’t build them like that out near the coasts because it normally isn’t necessary. Crazy how much a few feet of snow can weigh, let alone six…
  • @cht2162
    When I was a kid we used to build snow forts with tunnels running underneath. A great place to play. ☃⛄
  • Prayers for everyone affected by the unbelievable snow storms in Buffalo and surrounding areas.
    Understand how difficult it is to travel in these conditions as my Mom lives in Alberta, Canada. May everyone affected heed the warnings and not travel unless absolutely necessary. Amen
  • @ericburns5359
    It's a way of life here. I live in Oswego my whole life, and nasty winters are a cost of living here. We've been fortunate for too long with mild winters. Now it's like the winters I remember when I was a child. Extreme wind chills and massive amounts of snow. This is nothing new or surprising for us. We make due, clear out the snow, and go on with life. But investing in a snowblower and snowmobile are highly recommended. Stay safe and warm to all my fellow snowbelters.
  • @judil3294
    Wow, years ago I helped clear the roof of a split level home, after which you could step from roof to packed snow. Then we had to find a spot to slide down to the drive. Our area didn't have snow plows, they had huge snow blowers on the front of dump trucks that blew the snow up to 40 feet between houses.
  • @ddogg1631
    Would be interesting to see a report on how the owners of electric cars and trucks are doing with this winter storm and long lines of stranded vehicles.
  • @amsav1902
    You are all in our prayers. We have lived through blizzards and my heart goes out to you all.....🙏🙏🙏
  • @misshell
    I hope people remain safe and warm!
  • Now this is literally the perfect chance to say, “when I was your age, I had to travel through 77’’ of snow.”
  • @mjremy2605
    I came to this country and to Buffalo, NY in 1978. My neighbors told me about the Blizzard of '77. It was awful. I was born in the Mediterranean, grew up in the Tropics, and then landed in the snowiest place in the US. Buffalo was always snowed in every winter, but '77 was the worst. Until now. One normal winter, I opened my kitchen door and there was a tiny patch of white sky (no blue) and a wall of white snow. The entire doorway was blocked. The sky was uniformly white all winter with cloud and snow. All day felt like the Twilight Zone, there was no sun, no blue sky, just white, grey, white. I was always depressed.
    Everyone was chunky and overweight I guess from lack of sunshine. Breathing outside was hard as the air was frozen. You sealed yourself in like a tomb, with plastic over the windows that you never opened all winter. Everything above ground died all winter. It took 15 mins to bundle up every time you stepped outside, the dogs feet were always muddy, the cars had caked snow on rear bumpers that fell like big black clods all over the street, The cars rusted out from the salt on streets. lf you went under a bridge or over a bridge, you skidded out of control due to icy patches. The snow fell on the driveway faster than you could shovel it off. Most people had snow plough contracts. It took 15 mins to warm up the car engine and melt the windshield before you left for work.
    Every winter, I was acutely depressed. My sun drenched body got no sun. Finally, after 6 yrs of this miserable climate, I moved to California. Ah! So much sunshine and not one flake of snow. Thank god!
  • I grew up just outside Chicago, so I'm very familiar with winter and snow, and I've seen a wall of snow move in like that more times than I like to think about. Only been though Buffalo once, but it seemed like a good town. Good luck.
  • @kedo
    Whoever's reading this , i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day!
  • @johnassal5838
    77 inches in Orchard Park. That's 6'5". So if you're 6 foot 9 the snow is up to your eyeballs. Not the drifts or the piles the plows leave. Everywhere. Your roof, your yard, the street. Then any drifts/piles... That's nuts.