Usher’s Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show

Published 2024-02-11
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All Comments (21)
  • You could FEEL his joy through his performance, he finally achieved his dreams! What a show!!
  • @bbrice7547
    I think some people missed the fact that he showcased and gave platform to a lot...artists gone but never to be forgotten MJ, Prince...HBCUs (band), skaters, dancers...his early career song w/Alicia Keys...AND importantly he addresses his Mom!! He didn't make it just about him. He celebrated the accomplishments of others!! AND The talent and skills of the stage and lighting crew, outfits and behind the scenes people helpng with changing, etc. in 13 to 15 mins👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I shout out Phenomenal Job!!!
  • @AbyaaJones
    I just noticed that Usher was doing a MJ tribute with the sliver glove 💯
  • That guitar solo by H.E.R. gave me chills and I've heard that song a thousand times. She's amazing! I'm glad Usher gave her the opportunity to shine.
  • @Zxcbxbxjdjsxj
    Usher is 45 and he moves like he’s 20

    Aging like wine 👌
  • @chicken
    The older Usher gets, he is aging like a fine wine! Excellent performances by all.
  • @crl52689
    I cannot believe I’m just now watching this! Any other 34 year old think this was the absolute best thing ever!!?!! Those songs will NEVER get old !!
  • @nicksmom7
    When I heard usher was performing, I never thought it would end up being the best of all time, but it’s my #1. It’s just so nostalgic and perfect
  • @HelloCoco888
    I love that Usher chose to share his moment to shine by bringing with him so many artists that he teamed up with to make these songs that many of us grew up with. He doesn’t forget his friends, that’s class there.
  • @AnaLuis3
    The way he did all of this squeezed into 13 mins, managed to engage the audience, bring multiple iconic guests and change so quickly, makes this performance so good. Its obvs that hard work went into it, don't understand y people on tiktok were saying its underwhelming. Underwhelming where?
  • The transition from ‘turn down for what’ and ‘Yeah’ 🔥🔥🔥🤌🏻👌🏻
    My whole childhood in one video 👏🏽
  • @allimJ
    37 years old, germany - this is so lit! I never watched the NFL show ever. I have nothing to do with the NFL, I am german. x'D But you need to understand - USHER was and still is big WORLDWIDE! This is just the best.
  • He’s literally been preparing, for this his whole career it was destined for greatness. He did an amazing job
  • @caligirl10
    I keep coming back to this video. As a Californian, I thought Dr. Dre’s performance was the best BUT I gotta give it to Usher. This was everything!!!
  • @chicken
    Usher needed more time he has too many hits