Published 2023-03-12

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  • Baxiz
    Josh and Ethan now have a bond that can never be broken
  • Jems
    JJ being absolutely terrified of bugs but wanting to play with a snake is such a JJ thing
  • Euan
    Ethan's dad coming back in disguise to fart with his son was so wholesome
  • Venus Cartoon
    That moment at 40:15 when josh and ethan react to seeing each others hands still on the table and realising what's just happened is so funny that's true friendship however insane it was
  • mina
    Tobi cleaning Ethan’s face everytime he got sprayed is so wholesome 🥺
  • FuzionDroid
    Bro the last part of this video is INSANE
  • Deepa Parakkal
    Tobi not at all flinching at the lizard and just accepting it is just satisfying
  • K1rk
    I think Ethan finally found his dad. Who would've thought farting would bring them together
  • Blackeyedwolfy
    35:06 the instant change of face expression from josh had me dying for hours 🤣
  • lily hines
    The way Tobi gets up and uses his sleeve to wipe the water off Ethans face is so wholesome to me 🥰🥺
  • Ashish Jaiswal
    This was the craziest sidemen Sunday. Throughout the whole video i was laughing but the end i never would have imagined it.
  • M
    Josh and Ethan now have a whole new level of friendship
  • Fandom Central
    Josh and Ethan’s souls are bonded for eternity now. I have the highest respect for both of them now, kings
  • Rosé Lalisa
    I’ll say it again, Josh is too underrated. The man is chill but hilarious and deserves more attention from fans
  • Tom Morgan
    I don’t think I’ve seen Josh seem so happy in a while, it’s nice.
  • Harry being scared of buttons is probably the cutest thing ever
  • SadGoose K
    I love seeing Josh happy and laughing, he deserves it.
  • Ethan Claridge
    Josh and Ethan are insane one of the wildest sidemen Sundays ever 😂😂😂