Published 2022-12-13
We Tested 100 of the most useful Life Hacks in 24 hours.. Every single life hack will blow your mind and make your life easier so make sure you watch the entire video!
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  • @StokesTwins
    The Best LifeHack for you is to Subscribe so you can tell whenever we Post 😏
  • @naziakhan4996
    Science maybe be boring for some people but when Caleb explains the scientific facts it just makes science fun that’s why I love it
  • @fnafvr164
    i care when caleb tells us how things work
  • Lately i have had a really big stuffed nose and I couldn’t breathe that well and the life hack works
  • @islaboynton1600
    I love the way Caleb always shares the science reason bc I'm someone who loves science.
  • @Ahahahahahahvr
    I actually want Caleb to be my science teacher I low key like his science things
  • If you are reading this you are not fat like me you are just yourself and that is a good thing don't let Kat get you down you are you❤
  • @kairi5792
    This video made me feel better about my final exam anxiety. The stokes twins never fail to entertain us💜💕
  • @class1a844
    The liquid you put in the pool is called ooblic and you make it when you mix corn starch and water and you can also put food coloring. Ooblic is a substance of both solid and liquid for instance, if you try to squeeze it, it will be a solid, but if you let it sit in you hand or a pool, like you did, and more, it turns into a liquid.
  • @TomBerrye
    i love how tanner will do anything for the twins video's even eat soggy bread:D
  • @bts_paved_theway
    We need a whole video of Caleb's science facts, i hate science but I'm super interested