Apollo 15 - In The Mountains Of The Moon (1971)

Published 2011-12-03

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  • Kay White1
    Thank you. It was nice to relive a moment that I shared with my family years ago. My dad saw to it that we were interested in the things that went on around us. At that age...I would have missed it had it not been for him and my mom!❤️
  • TechTinkering
    First saw this on satellite TV on a German channel that would play them on a loop at night about 20 years ago. Was called 'spacenight'. Inspirational stuff! 👍❤️😊
  • 64mung
    Beautiful!! I'm 53 years old..I have not seen this footage since I saw it on TV when I was a kid.
    Thanks for posting!
  • ClarkHuman.com
    Thank you for uploading this. I was able to embed it onto my Outer Space page. Gave me chills to watch.
  • They were all Great ! But Dave Scott has always been my favorite ! Awesome pilot , astounding astronaut , & amazing human being !
  • Julia Read
    Astounding Amazing and Beautiful ! Really enjoying watching the footage from this exciting time. Im 58 and haven't seen this for a very long time. Thank you so much for posting xx
  • My respect to all the space pioneers that took part in those dangerous missions to enlarge our horizon of knowledges. It is a shame to think that everything was a long time fake. Such approach disregards the hard work of thousand people involved in those beautiful projects.
  • RobbHahn
    From Dave Scott's essay in National Geographic, September 1973:

    “The rover functions impeccably as we ride from site to site, accumulating fragments of history. We bounce and pitch across omnipresent chuckhole-like craters. The motion exactly resembles that of a small boat in a rough sea; so does the effect. Incredible as it seems in the arid environment of the moon, seasickness could become an occupational hazard.”
  • jamesd2128
    Sure wish I had been old enough to appreciate these amazing Apollo missions, exploration at it's most thrilling and awe inspiring - what the hell have we done since that compares ?
  • James Sn
    9:01 A truly spectacular view of the rille! 🙂
  • RudiRaichura
    Wow. I thought I’d seen and read it all but apparently not. The hammer feather drop is beautiful and I am sad I’m seeing it now for the first time at 43. And the memorial plaque and little figurine: wow. Just wow. Don’t think I’ve even seen a pic of it in all the space books
    I read growing up. Remarkable!
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  • mustafa3701
    Going to the moon was a miracle back in 1960's . Thanks to the team of scientists , Astronuats and to the whole team of nasa to make this dream come true . Thanks to the goverment of America who provided the funds to make this mission impossible , possible . And in the last but not the least , many many Thanks to Youtuber for sharing these rare videos with us .
  • Brendan Odoms
    No camera can capture how beautiful the moon lookd
  • Karlisa Lampe
    I Remember this....awesome.....a time when hope and discovery was new and important, when things meant something and made me think about becoming an Astronaut myself.....I watched all of this when i was a teenager....never left me, and neither my sense for watching the night skies....I'm an Amateur Astronomer, and still watch the night skies......thank you for sharing
  • My my... Even a 1970s....I love it... So nostalgic.... So great... But again... It is from you ...... Your amazing Mr. H...❤️😁👌👍
  • Haji Mohamed
    Thanks very much for the great real documentary about the moon landing 1972 . I really love this .
  • Fleegman Blorp
    Awesome. Very inspirational. God bless Dave Scott, Al Worden, and Jim Irwin. Thank you, gentlemen, for your service.