The Deadly Diner- Anjette Lyles | Mystery & Makeup - Bailey Sarian

Published 2022-09-19
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Hi friends, happy Monday!
Let me know who you want me to talk about next week. Hope you have a great rest of your week and I'll be seeing you very soon
Bailey Sarian


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  • Bailey Sarian
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  • Kristina Kasa
    Whenever there are men "mysteriously" dying in these stories - I hear Bailey whispering "Aqua Tofana" 🖤
  • Bailey: We can't judge fully BUT we're judging.

    Me: Yes...yes we are.😂
  • maria sanchez
    I love that the maid spoke up during the trial. Homegirl really thought she was gonna lie for her lol
  • Haley Berry
    Bailey saying "Now if you don't know what arsenic is, let me tell you..... well I don't know, but I do know..." is incredibly relatable
  • PixelStacker
    Watching this and hearing " workers came forward and said they saw her in the back office with candles surrounding her looking like she's doing a ritual" then seeing Bailey surround by candles and doing her makeup routine/ritual....has me dying lolol aye
  • Kendra Elaine
    Watching this and my husband asking me “who are you talking to?” Because I reply and act like I’m having an actual conversation with Bailey .
    Like we’re 2 besties gossiping together 😅
  • Imane Imini
    Whenever Bailey is talking about people mysteriously dying I always keep waiting for her to whisper ‘ Aqua Tofana ‘
  • Marie Toni
    I’m related to her through marriage on my mothers side I requested this video a while back and I’m not disappointed THANKS BAILEY
  • Savannah Lloyd
    I wish I could set Bailey’s voice as the voice on my Alexa. I’d just stay home and talk to her😂
  • Kirstin Hinton
    As soon as she said she was bringing the mother in law food, I was like ITS IN THE FOOD ITS IN THE FOOD 😂
  • Alishia Kirby
    Bailey is literally the only YouTuber I wish rambled more in her intros lol I'm so glad she's back on Mondays
  • Melissa Higgins
    bailey: and she’s into….
    me: she’s into like s&m isn’t she
    bailey: yup witchcraft
    me; ohhhh 😂
  • Sticker
    Whoever's reading this I hope that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is gonna be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
  • Elliot James
    I am a local historian in Macon, Ga and often give tours. According to history, one of the restaurant workers sent a letter to the police department while Marsha was in the hospital. It said something to the effect that “She was going to do the same thing to that baby, like she did to the other ones.” Also, after she was admitted to the state hospital in Milledgeville, it is said she worked in the kitchen.
  • Rikki Messere
    So glad I’m not the only one who whispered “aqua tofana” 😂 🖤
  • Lynsie Spackey
    BROOO two mondays in a row!!!! This is a blessing!!! Thank you Bailey!!!
  • Karina Aguiar
    Anjette was another level of evil ,all of this for money,i love how the housekeeper just would not lie for her LOL
  • Froggy Jen
    I don't know about y'all, but I have missed these Mondays with Bailey! Dark History is fun, but this is where Bailey truly shines!