Dolly Parton's Surprise Reaction to Elle King's Onstage Outburst

Published 2024-05-18
Dolly Parton reached out to Elle King after her on stage outburst during a performance honoring the country legend. Elle King is revealing what Dolly Parton told her in a new interview explaining the incident.

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  • How could you disrespect Dolly like that? However, Dolly is such a compassionate, forgiving classy lady ❤
  • Dolly is a kind hearted person and an angel. I love her music and all her movies. Love you Dolly !!!!! ❤❤
  • @bigpdaddy1965
    Dolly is a spectacular woman whose love for people is genuine. Her program she has where all children can get books to read is absolutely awesome. When she sends her song. I will always love you. You can feel it in the heart. That its coming from the heart
  • @monicaheath4004
    I feel for her. Dolly showed her grace as God shows us all His Grace and Mercy and Faithfulness!!! Love you Dolly and Elle❤ And Elle....Please remember to take all of your problems to the Lord. He loves you and wants to help you. You are His child❤
  • @jimmyjames2903
    That's why I love Dolly Parton is right there she's such a good woman there's nothing wrong with somebody having a couple of beers and getting out of hand every night and that's what we do for southern people praise the Lord and we believe in Jesus thank you very much 🙏🙏🙏
  • @sybilcross323
    Dolly is one of the best. Maybe she can talk Elle King into getting some professional help while forgiving her. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @catmom7447
    Dolly is an angel and if she can let it go then we all should. But if Elle had been going throw some drama she could had kindly bowed out and said no thank I am not in a state to do Dolly justice.
  • Dolly has always been a class act. i adore that lady. she's a national treasure. ❤ Good to see ya here on CountryCast, bro! i like my George Jones, Randy Travis, Colter Wall, and Jason Boland just as much as i love my Slaughter To Prevail, Knocked Loose, and Aborted. 😎🤠 METAL COWBOYS FOREVER! 👊
  • @terri5757
    It doesn’t get any easier to watch no matter how many times it’s played.
  • @kathyframe2718
    I thought Chelsea handler got caught trafficking humans
  • @jimmyjames2903
    There's no reason for this that lady was having her a good old time and ain't nothing wrong with that 😜🙏🙏🙏
  • @wandadavis2124
    Stars have PR people... They knew what shape she was in, why didn't they say she wasn't fit to go. She could have turned them down. There's no excuse for that behavior.