Two Steps From Hell & Thomas Bergersen - 36 Tracks Best of All time | Most Powerful Epic Music Mix

Published 2021-04-07
Two Steps From Hell best tracks of all time - Spotify Epic Music playlist:
The best selection from Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergersen. This is a perfect mix for introducing epic music to the world!

Huge thanks for composers, artists, labels that create the amazing music and artwork. Please find their info below and support them

Track list:
00:00:00 Heart of courage
"Dragon Cave" by Greg Rutkowski -
00:01:59 Archangel
Diablo III wallpaper -
00:04:35 For the win
Bahamut - FFXIV wallpaper -
00:06:46 Victory
"Victory in the colosseum" by Mathieu Seveno -
00:12:07 Flight of the silverbird
"High Aim" by Roberto Robert -
00:15:28 To glory
"Rise of The Horde Sarnuk bloodsoul" by Stanton Feng -
00:20:06 Protectors of the Earth
"Flying Death" by James Strehle -
00:22:58 Invincible
"Retribution" by TamplierPainter -
00:25:52 Blackheart
"The Black Mist" by Efflam Mercier -
00:30:18 Birth of a Hero
"大龙吐火" by Zhengyi Wang -
00:32:31 Never back down
"Swords" by Max Steksov -
00:35:27 Strength of a thousand men
00:37:46 Love & Loss
"attack" by Yujin kim -
00:39:37 After the fall
"Fallen Titans 1" by Jinho Bae -
00:42:04 Secret melody
"Sunday of Eagles" by Pablo Dominguez -
00:45:51 Unleashed
"The Winds Fury" by Sense Coll. -
00:51:16 Merchant prince
"Nomads" by Joan Piqué Llorens -
00:53:42 Freedom fighter
"The Nine" by Anato Finnstark -
00:56:15 Dragonwing
"Trail of the Gods" by Deiv Calviz (David Villegas) -
00:59:13 Pegasus
"The Guardian of the Stars" by ryky -
01:03:42 Breathe
art by ZUDartS Lee -
01:06:37 Black blade
01:09:45 Riders
"charge" by Christian Bravery -
"DEATH!" by Even Amundsen -
01:13:16 Tristan
"Mythical Monsters - Warrior" by Chang-Wei Chen -
01:15:50 Norwegian Pirate
"Horseman summoning" by
Darek Zabrocki -
01:18:52 Cassandra
"Red Forest clearing UE4" by Tyler Smith -
01:22:01 Winterspell
"Viserion's Gate" by AnthonyAvon -
"Winter Is Here" by Gavin O'Donnell -
01:25:21 Titan Dune
"Golden Guardian" by Svetlin Velinov -
01:27:34 Cry
"Sword" by Sergey Grechanyuk -
01:31:42 Impossible
Multiple artworks from "The king's journey" series by Anato Finnstark
01:40:34 The colonel
"Mineko" by Dao Trong Le -
01:43:05 Colors of love
"Dreams" by Valentina Remenar -
01:49:37 Never give up on your dreams
"Butterfly Mystery" by Harry(Zhilin) Tang -
01:54:57 Immortal
"Undead Overlord" by Greg Rutkowski -
01:59:05 Empire of angels
"The Bird" by Tiago Sousa -
02:04:22 Compass
"Land of Wonder" by Mina Lee -

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Music by Two Steps From Hell.
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All Comments (21)
  • Epic Music Mania
    WOW!! This video gets so many views. I'm glad you guys like it - my personal collection so it might misses some good tracks though. Leave a comment of track name for others epic music fans! :D
  • 微波魚
    After listening to this, I don't finish my homework I defeated my homework.
  • Nerulon Skyven
    Two Steps From Hell is so epic, even when you just sitting at the computer doing nothing feels like you are saving the world.
  • Judy Cherbonneau
    In the 60's I played in an orchestra and this music brings back so many memories. There are no superior instruments, in my opinion than the brass section! Played baritone, trumpet,, and French horn. The best years of my life and I'm now 71!
  • Genial, esta música inspira mi creatividad, recomedadísimo.
    Con esto podré derrotar a mi mayor adversario: la adversidad.
    Cada pista es un gran reto, sus creadores fueron realmente épicos.
    Dos pasos del infierno, enciende mis ánimos, sublime, ponte audífonos pero de los que te llevarán a entrar en contacto con la orquesta.
  • general punk
    If they stand behind you, protect them
    If they stand beside you, respect them
    If they stand against you, don't show them mercy...
  • EpicBitcoin
    Whenever I hear one of these, I imagine myself heading into battle, sword and shield in hand, letting out a battle roar. I can't be the only one.
  • I love how listening to these types of music just makes your imagination run wild. Archangel has to be my favorite if I had to choose only one.
  • Lefeiski
    Listening to this while working on my Master Thesis feels like I'm saving the world at the same time.
  • Karos Night
    Two steps from hell will forever remain one of the best artists to listen to when trying to be creative, shame dragon rider isnt on here but either way these are all amazing tracks :)
  • Craig Stewart
    Never heard anything like this in my life. Complete accident stumbling on it.

    I have Depression /Anhedonia (not feeling pleasure) and this transports me to another realm. Relentless, uplifting.

    I thought I hated Orchestral music but gobsmacked. Maybe it's why I love the new adventures of superman theme as that was orchestra. Amazing thank you
  • YenDong
    This is truly a master piece of music. Thanks to those composers who put their effort to come up with such beautiful songs. Two Steps From Hell deserve to be listed in Hall of Fame
  • SuperMoto Rider
    While I was cooking the song Victory started and I found myself on the stairs outside the house dueling with my neighbor using a ladle as a weapon and a pan as a shield. I love that song
  • _eta_いーた
  • Justforvisit
    You know it's a good list when it starts with Heart of Courage <3
  • Sasek
    I am able to picture so many amazing stories in my head while listening to this compilation that it could cover many cinema productions. Great job putting this together.
  • Greatest Gamer
    I finished my homework while listening to this great music. But unfortunately I had 15 minutes left to listen to... So I had to relax and enjoy it to the end.... :))))) this is great
  • Catzzzzzッ
    To sad these songs never uses in any movies,its just…too epic