Creepin' (Remix) (Official Video)

Published 2023-03-17

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  • JalexanderR39
    Metro and The Weeknd need a whole album just strictly them two… make it happen please 🙏
  • Henrico Dlucas
    Canta muito bem gostei da música muito boa muito bom de ouvir gostei
  • jason007blaze1
    After all this time, this just proves that this song is still a hit, I almost wish that this song was longer
  • Edward Burton
    The Weeknd ... The vulnerability conveyed via his vocals are so special and unique. It really jumps out at you when it is playing on the radio. He just keeps delivering the hits.
  • Xavier
    The fact that they managed to get the original artists together for this video makes the song even more legendary
  • Kedo
    This song has been in the top 10 for a few weeks now It peaks at number 3 and it would be nice to see this go to number one it would give the Weeknd his number 8 number one hit XO
  • DJ Skandalous
    This sample is legendary. Makes mostly any remake of it a hit 🔥
  • TheNodedOne
    A classic: Metro boomin' productions has all the right directions. All the features and falsetto in the instrumental definitely set a charismatic song that is vibrant.
  • na me
    we can all agree on how much we miss the 2000s and how amazingly this song captures that vibe
  • The2KXperience
    I was a huge fan of Metro Boomin back in the "Ric Flair Drip" days and always wondered what happened to him. For a while he was on a DJ Khaled level of being able to summon The Avengers of rap and R&B and let them loose on his incredible beats.

    This song is a big return to form for him, he did an amazing job remixing this classic, he brought back Diddy, he got 21 Savage to let loose some fire, and The Weeknd's voice perfectly compliments the theme of the song. Can't stop listening to this one.
  • anthony selby
    As a dude who lived through both era.... this hit nostalgia hard asf..... big up to 21 as one of the few good rap talents out there these days
  • Rodan
    The vibes are great. This song is legendary. a collaboration that we never expected it will happen.
  • Metro Boomin é o melhor produtor do rap americano da atualidade, essa música fico incrível, the weeknd como sempre arrasando, 21 Savage mandando muito bem e Diddy foi uma participação inesperada, essa música é uma obra prima👏👏🔊💯
  • suelen pereira
    Eu estava no dia do lançamento do remix. E estou aqui no dia do clipe oficial. Conhecendo o amado Abel. Não esperava nada menos que perfeito. Essa música e um hino ❤️❤️❤️ I love The Weeknd... I love this song. Thanks Metro. ❤️ 🇧🇷
  • 1SEVEN1
    This song will never be forgotten ever
  • Abdo Skwadra
    و مرة أخرى ذا ويكند يبهرنا مجدداً ❤🖤🌋