I Bought MINI PRODUCTS that Actually Work

Published 2022-09-11
I bought the SMALLEST products online that actually work!! Everything from TINY games, to mini household appliances! Let's test them :D
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All Comments (21)
  • @hopescope
    Which mini product is your favorite?!
  • I love mini things!! It's even better when they actually work! I gave my family mini things as stocking stuffers last year, should totally do it again! Thanks for the idea!! That tiny purse, and all the little things in it 😍 the Jenga game looks challenging!
  • @Micaelaacuna
    Watching hope open these packages is like a 4year old on Christmas morning ❤️ but I can't blame you seeing tiny things gets me way too excited Beyond cute
  • I just love Hopes reaction for all the tiny things she tries😂❤️
  • @Tilla00
    That tiny electric wisk looks perfect for mugcakes! And the tiny baking set is so cute!
  • Hope, as someone who has loved miniatures for pretty much as far back as I can remember it makes me incredibly happy to see you discovering the joy of tiny things. Be careful, it can get addictive way too easily lmao
  • @jellycatfish
    You should have Tyler buy you mini items more often! It's so cute seeing you so excited about it 🥹
  • @kerigirl711
    You could basically start building your own little town with these mini items 😊 lol love it. This needs to be a series!
  • @meggnogg
    I love how curious and interested Leo is as you open each of the parcels, it's too cute🥺
  • Your enthusiasm for the tiny products is the best part of the video. I love the jenga and Lincoln logs but all of them are so cute! Tiny oven mitts ❤️ send the tiny art to me :-) haha.
  • 7:19 Look how cute she is. Literally lying on the floor like a little kid blowing the leaves away😂😂😂😂😂 So cute❤
  • Your excitement was too cute! I love that you can actually make tiny waffle cones with that ice cream maker.
  • @hilaatal6656
    I’m in love with mini stuff especially when they work perfectly there’s just too cute 🥰 best vid of the month is mini vids
  • @coltjames9159
    I love that Hope went all out for the ice cream knowing the work wasn't worth the payoff. Also, Tyler scaring the crap out of Hope had me ROLLING.
  • I am obsessed with tiny things! I’m gonna have to buy all of these.. but that handbag…OMG!!!
  • @flohough1870
    I loved this! I've bought several of these myself and they are so much fun. My favorite though is the tiny LV bag, that was incredible!
  • @user-tl9nk6yp4d
    I love your videos they’re amazing, especially the tiny products ones
  • As someone who’s always been obsessed with mini products, this video was made for me.
  • @jessicameador182
    I also have a tiny thing obsession! Everyone I know gets me mini versions of the cutest things. They're undeniably adorable.
  • I love how Hope puts so much effort into her videos just to make us happy! You truly make my day Hope! Keep being you!