Baby yoda with subtitles

Published 2022-02-20

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  • estelliiaa
    btw i know his name is Grogu! just some people might not know that so i put baby yoda :)
  • K
    sometimes i think Mando is completly in control of his life and totally knows what hes doing
    then i remember he tried to teach Grogu to fix the engine by putting Grogu inside
  • Blobbyfanfictrash
    “HoW mAnY dId YoU eAt!?”

    You can hear the absolute horror in his voice this poor man. He is becoming more and more of a father with each wird his says to Grogu.
  • itimelord
    “I am the vase the vase is with me” 😂
  • Don’t ask
    Mando pointing his finger at Grogu and saying “no!” when Grogu is trying to get the eggs is too precious
  • Alex Smith
    I genuinely enjoyed him trying to help Mando with the repairs
  • The sound of baby yoda just makes my heart explode and give baby yoda a bunch of hearts inside my heart

    He's just too precious (💗’∀’)
  • KyanTubeHDTV
    Jedis: I am one with the force, and the force is one with me
    Grogu: I am the vase, and the vase is with me
  • Michi Chan
    Mando is a good father, change my mind :)
  • Sun Lynn Hatchett
    The eggs are eaten by Grogu.
    The tadpoles are eaten by Grogu.
    The frigs are eaten by Grogu.
    Ah, the circle of life.
  • Dalf Gan
    Grogu: ”Could I have one please”
    Boy: no
    Grogu: ”then I will get them all”
  • sweaty boi
    I cant believe grogu is actually (probably) older than mando
  • vilstef
    Someone called Grogu chaotic hungry. Well called!
  • FrozenReaper
    I see why everyone is obsessed with him he's adorable
  • Doge
    Crogu was already adorable and you made him even cuter
  • monkey
    Baby yoda looks hilarious when jumping
  • Lord Of Anime
    Mandolorian:don't play with your food
    Also mandolorian:proceedes to stap it with a onife
  • Mikoriko
    1:11 I've replayed this part more than my life expectancy :')