San Francisco 49ers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 10

Published 2023-11-12

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  • @tlocke18
    It’s insane how much difference Trent Williams makes for the 49ers.
  • @taylorluke3060
    As much as this game hurts as a Jags fan, the 49ers are incredibly deserving of respect for one hell of a performance. GG
  • @rorymcneely324
    As a 49ers fan this win was much needed and our defense looks much more scarier with Chase young.
  • @albertcali408
    They can say what they want about purdy but that throw at 40 seconds is elite ball placement
  • @navy4735
    Purdy's throw to Kittle was a BEAUTY !!! WOW !!!!
  • @sports3117
    The bye week really helped the 49ers a lot in terms of getting healthy and playing up to their potential and standards. Chase Young is a huge plus for this team with his ability to rush the quarterback
  • @QueensWino
    Niners fans you have a gem in Brock! No need to worry about that three game skid; in fact your QB needs to face adversity and he has shown impeccable grace under fire and is well able to overcome said adversity. I wish you well the rest of the way!
  • @pmh1nic
    The 49ers are one of the most exciting teams in football. Purdy, Deebo, Cmac, Aiyuk and Kiddle seemed unstoppable today
  • @halofivekid5870
    As an eagles fan, 49ers are looking MEAN! See you guys in a few weeks… gonna be a good one!
  • My favorite team since the 80's I am telling you that the 49ers are legendary 🏈
  • @iamj_
    The 66 yard to Kittle was insane
  • Kittle high stepping then slowing down to walk in for the touchdown was cold.
  • @salamander337
    And people were complaining about Brock going back home to Iowa and spending time with family or farming or whatever. After 3 game losing streak, sometimes you just need to go back home and reset your mind. Revisited the reason why you love playing the game of Football in the first place. Brock came out firing in this game. Good for him. Go Niners!
  • What a complete domination. TOUCHDOWNNNNNN SAN FRAN CISCO!!!!!!! 👍❤️💛🏈
  • All the Niners needed was Williams and Samuel back . Chase Young was a great addition too. Quest for 6. Go Niners🔥
  • Now I see the importance of the bye week in the NFL
    The 49ers needed that bye week to get back a lil stronger