Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 Division Round Game Highlights

Published 2023-01-21

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  • @kingMT514
    For a team that was bottom of the barrel not too long to have made it to the divisional round is a massive improvement. Props to the Jags!
  • @gbrow1604
    Butker was huge in this game. Two 50 yarders and stopping Agnew from getting a return TD.
  • Man, just think about all the badass young quarterbacks we have in the AFC all at once. Mahomes, Allen, burrow, Lawrence, Herbert, Lamar. We’re all gunna look back at this in fifteen, twenty years and miss watching all this talent on the field every Sunday at the games most important position. ❤️
  • @bigsmokiee55
    Man Reid took the Eagles to so many NFC championship games in a row. Now he’s getting it right with the Chiefs. So proud of the guy
  • The way the Jags were playing,they almost became the Cinderella team.Kudos to the Chiefs and for Henne to come in for Patrick and keep the scoring going.
  • @MacLethal
    Great season Jags fans. Y'all will be RIGHT back in this thing for many years to come. Be excited about what you have. Trevor is finally putting it together, and will take you guys far every year. The future is bright for you guys. -Chiefs Kingdom
  • @Phillyd-cy3ex
    As an Eagles fan, there was something heartwarming about seeing my ex coaches hugging at the end of the game. Great years from Andy and Dougie brought us our first chip. My best wishes to both coaches 💯
  • @landonr.536
    That was the most impressive opening drive I’ve ever seen from a quarterback 😭 side arm sling and a jump pass with a collapsing pocket for a first down. Those are highlights alone but he did them on one drive 😂
  • @linknbuild
    Pacheco was a 7th round pick 251 overall... thats insane. Dude is so quick to get back up on his feet lol
  • @sports3117
    Doug Pederson has definitely turned the Jaguars around in 1 year. They’ve become more tough, gritty and exciting team than they ever were in the last few years. All they need is a few pieces and they’ll be a contender
  • That fumble at the goaline was gut wrenching, long time jags fan here. I didn't truly expect us to win and I hated seeing mahomes get injured early in the game. Hopefully he will be healthy throughout the remainder of the playoffs
  • @Matt02341
    That fumble was a heart breaker. Both teams balling out great defensive play by chiefs. Jags will have it much tougher next year but iron strengthens iron can’t wait!
  • @beaudare4717
    I love how Mahomes shows sincere respect to Lawrence after the game. Real class!!
  • @Heaven4Real
    Even though the Jags lost, there's only positive things to come. Great season for them!
  • Congratulations to the Jags. No one expected them to finish the year this strong. They should be a contender for years to come.
  • @starry53
    Unbelievable effort for Patrick Mahomes as he plays with only one leg. RESPECTS+
  • Chad Henne is becoming something of a minor folk hero in Kansas City (remember how he closed out the Chiefs playoff win against the Browns in 2020?)
  • @cobrite1
    Pacheco has become just an absolute monster coming out of the backfield! Looking forward to seeing the rookie next week and for years to come, can only hope the best for Mahomes' ankle this week
  • The way Patrick came in that first quarter was special man he was gonna have a monster game
  • @ghettogov6161
    Mahomes is incredible the way he extends plays and throws accurate passes without his feet being set must drive defenses crazy. I hope the eagles and chiefs are in the sb