Building my first RC Jet

Published 2023-12-09
I built a foam plane with a real jet engine. Get your Insta360 GO 3 here with 5% off and a free selfie stick!…

Big thanks to the Mach Initiative for their advice and help with this project - check out their YouTube channel here:

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3D printers
➡️ Beginner printer! Ender 3:
➡️ Ender 3 V2:
➡️ High speed printer:
➡️ Ender 5:
➡️ Favorite printer! Bambu X1:
➡️ Beginner Resin printer! ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 2
➡️ Favourite Resin 3D Printer! Creality Halot Mage

Drones I like
➡️ Mavic Air:
➡️ Mavic 3:
➡️ Mavic 3 Combo:
➡️ DJI FPV Combo Drone

YouTube Camera Gear
➡️ Main Camera 1
➡️ Main Camera 2
➡️ Mic
➡️ Tripod
➡️ Lights

Action Cameras
➡️ Favorite! Runcam (small orange camera):
➡️ GoPro:
➡️ Osmo:
➡️ Memory card

➡️ DJI FPV Combo Drone
➡️ Micro VTX camera:
➡️ Runcam Wasp Micro Digital FPV Camera:
➡️ Beginner FPV drone:
➡️ DJI Digital FPV Unit for FPV Drone

➡️ MacBook Pro:
➡️ SSD for editing footage from:
➡️ NAS for storing footage:

Essential Tools
➡️ Glue gun
➡️ Jigsaw
➡️ Drill
➡️ Drill bits
➡️ Bench Drill
➡️ Heat Gun
➡️ Soldering Iron
➡️ Rotory Tool
➡️ Mitre Saw
➡️ Saw Horse

Big thanks to Andrew Applepie for the music used in this video -

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  • Thanks for inviting us to get involved in the project! It was super exciting seeing the design evolve so quickly and we had great fun working with you!
  • @wolfganghorn7492
    I don't know if others already commented, but instead of a solid fuel tank you could use a fuel bag. You can fill the bag completly, so that there is no air inside, and the bag simply shrinks as the engine consumes the fuel. I have seen this type of tank used in several other rc-jets.
    Anyway keep up the good work :D
  • @matthewsmith5883
    Really glad that you show us the whole process, including when things don't go to plan :)

    Could the foil tape have blocked the signal from your transmitter?
  • One of the reasons of shorter signal range than typical might be caused by all the foil and metal (and carbon fiber) in the airplane. Also maybe some components of jet engine (pump which stalled for ex) sparks and cause radio interference. Best solution is to keep your RX antennas as far as possible from the metal parts etc. (end of the wing is a good spot). Also DSM2 is an old technology, as other have said ERLS is great solution and should guarantee range measured in kilometres. But if you would go for ERLS I think 2.4ghz is better than sub ghz versions, as these lower frequencies can have issues with bouncing from metal/carbon parts.
  • @vanoskoll7942
    Why not use long-range receivers/transmitters? Such as ELRS or Crossfire?
  • the fact the camera survived that wicked crash speaks pretty well of your sponsor's product
  • @PatGilliland
    My bet is that a 1/16 Mosquito took it out - you've basically built a V1. ;)

    Great project - looking forward to version two.
  • @spookydonkey2195
    Great project! As others have said, ELRS for the win. Super strong and cheap control link. Hopeful for part 2!
  • @SuperBlackGuyV2
    You should look into an Express LRS control link, its what FPV pilots use and gives you miles of range with very low latency
  • I think the RF signal issue is most likely caused by the use of a less robust protocol. I would recommend moving to crossfire (either TBS crossfire or ELRS) to ensure that you dont loose the signal. Both of those are capable of reaching tens up to hundreds od kilometres range. Spektrum i made for LoS flying and its just not stable enough.
  • @testpilotian3188
    You should really switch to ELRS for your control link, even at 10mw it will far out perform the other protocols like DSMX, FRSky etc. for this project though I’d seriously consider crossfire or elrs 868mhz for simple redundancy.
  • @tomtiny
    Maybe a satellite or two on the wingtips away from the foil would have helped.

    Also: Do not use dsm2/x on anything else than UMX planes and little park flyers! I used to have Spektrum gear as well and had about 1-2 signal losses per year.
    I switched to a 4in1 modul transmitter with open/Edge TX using mostly an external ELRS module or the internal frsky. Not had a problem since and you can still use your dsm2/x receivers on little planes with the 4in1 module.
  • @antitheist9976
    Outstanding project, I was actually on the edge of my seat for a time there hehe, looking forward to part two! Thanks for this, brightened my day up mate. 💯🙂
  • You did a great job. I feel bad about the crash. You are a very talented & highly motivated young man. You should be proud. Always look forward to your videos.
  • @nacorti
    Great work dude! I'm always impressed by how open you are with sharing your process, even the failures

    As for the signal strength: if I were you and you were me, I'd be flying something like this with FPV and an on-screen display enabled within the FPV view. That way you can see signal strength degrade in real time and compensate for it, since radios are finicky. I think it'll add negligible weight to your airframe and save you plenty of trouble in the long run
  • @danielmoiseev753
    Can't wait for version 2, in terms of the signal redundancy is great but also maybe perform some sort of range test with a buddy to test different aircraft orientations. Especially since you have access to some really good fields.
  • @motor_misc
    So sorry it didn't go to plan James! I know you have built ekranoplans before, but did you know that the soviets tried to build a huge one that they could launch the energia buran from (soviet space shuttle thing), and other spacecraft from in flight, this would be an epic combination of things you have done on the channel before, and I think it would be an epic (yet deeply sketchy) project.
    Good luck on the next project :)
  • @RaynerGS
    I am looking forward to version 2. I have given up the Spectrum a long time ago. I use ExpressLRS much more reliably - greetings from Brazil.
  • @musicduck4538
    This makes me think about Starship's first test flight. Being nervous and full of anticipation before the flight, then it takes off and everybody is happy, then something goes wrong, and then it goes from bad to worse, and eventually the vehicles are no more. All that while still being happy how it performed and what you learned from the flight.