I did a dopamine fast because the internet told me to

Published 2023-03-12

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  • yo
    this guy can sure do something for a couple of days
  • greeny111
    As someone with adhd I can confirm, we do not need push notifications to do things, our brains already send us push notifications like “hey you should do the dishes” but we just forget by the time we’re done with our 30 second task we’re currently doing.
  • Alexa Otto
    as someone who was absolutely distracted by the subway surfers in the background, drew really got me with the “hey! don’t look at the tv, look at me”
  • Molly McHenry
    Honoring Drew's sacrifice, I shall embark on a Dopamine Binge
  • TimeBucks
    love the cadence of Drew's jokes.
  • Baby Via
    I laughed way too hard at the little moment after the calendar said to cut out filming
  • Jason Glover
    The irony of me watching you go on a dopamine fast for my shot of instant dopamine is fascinating
  • leon as
    Using a wellbeing app to block other wellbeing apps was the most unexpected thing ever
  • Okay but these new videos are weirdly comforting, like it's not just me but the majority of us feel attached to our phones and we've all acknowledged it's bad but we still feel helpless. Kinda motivational ngl
  • Isabella Wood
    I’m so glad you addressed the wellness app thing. As someone who has ADHD and struggles with remembering the most basic things and paying attention, I will admit that whenever I see ads for adhd specific apps I am tempted to download. They all promise a life that I desperately want; to not struggle with focus and memory as much. It’s always so disappointing to see that it’s really just people exploiting the very things those with ADHD struggle with.
  • Adrianobritow
    Wow, the binge watching rant was spot on. The sense of community is definitely a big point in favor of HBO
  • Vanesa
    I love your videos talking about this kind of stuff that preys on neurodivergent people and their struggles. It's great to watch you try things ("dopamine fast") and make some insightful commentary in between all of the comedy. When you're desperate, no amount of money is too much money for some relief, and it's ridiculously overpriced and should be exposed for what it is.

    I also appreciate you didn't waste your money this time!
  • Alex Lee
    drew, I just want to remind you how much I love your content. No one else can teach me something new, make me laugh, put me in a better mood, and remind me that I have a problem, all in one video. Keep up the great work.
  • Raysofmarie Here
    Thank you for highlighting the predatory marketing towards adhd ppl. When you have adhd the best way to remember things is to externalize them. In my experience apps just set me up for subscriptions I forget about. Signs, post it notes, other people’s support or a box 😂 tend to work better.
  • Chris
    I giggled every time you mentioned the phone box. Then I rewatched the video and I still giggled every time.
  • Emily
    i was the same way with twitter and it was ruining my life and making me upset all the time. i deleted all my social media apps in october and it was HARD, but it got easier over time. i felt (and still feel, to some extent) fomo cuz i was used to tweeting at least once a day and using the app as my form of communication with the outside world (ie mutuals who go to the same college as i do and also post a lot), but i’d take that fomo over the fomo that comes from being on twitter and feeling like everyone is doing better than you, prettier than you, smarter than you, etc. i’m still incredibly mentally ill, but that’s got nothing to do with my phone lol. my roommates still send tweets and tiktoks, and obviously i watch youtube, so i have liaisons to the outside world, and usually after seeing a movie in theaters i’ll go on the twitter website to see what other people are saying about it. other than that, i’m not on anything and it’s genuinely made my life so much better. doom-scrolling and political content consumed my brain and just made me stressed all the time, and i know basically everyone on twitter understands how that is. if you’re not a content creator for your job, i 10/10 recommend giving it a try. once you get used to not being on your phone all the time, it’s so freeing.
  • PamPullMoose
    This shit killed me, it's not easy to do a "smash that like button" bit and actually catch me off guard with it lol 20:46
  • Rose
    I love that Instagram's algorithm concluded that because Drew kept buying everything they advertised to him, he must be going through something and needs mental health apps.
  • Hownd
    He’s so addicted to twitter that he ended up going on a full on rant about it instead of just getting to the fasting part