Technoblade 💙..

Published 2022-07-01

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  • Luka Thorn
    My brain can't even comprehend this... I'm litteraly crying my eyes out like a baby, he was like the older brother that I never had.. and to know he's gone hurts my heart more than anything... Rest In Peace Techno... ❤️❤️❤️
  • Skylardog
    I never watched techno much, but this is literally heartbreaking, he seemed so nice and cheered up many people during hard times,
  • leopatria
    A man is never gone until he is forgotten

    may technoblade and his legacy live on forever.
  • Gay Gacha Kitty
    “Technoblade never dies” may he Rest In Peace with all the love we give to him, Fuck cancer, words can’t describe how much of an impact he’s made in life, may he rest in heavenly peace😭😭🕊🕊
  • hamburger
    I absolutely never cry, i dont even cry at some funerals, but when i saw this i was bawling on the couch in my mom's arms. I will never forget you Technoblade, or Alex.
  • Even though I didn't watch much of his content until this year I still would like to say: Fly high and rest in peace. I hope we can all honour his legacy and keep information private as his family wanted and to honour his wishes. He has made so many of us smile and laugh. He was a hero too many people. He was amazing and for many people a hero. He made his fans laugh he made them smile. He made me smile at many many times. I still can't believe that he is gone..We all miss him. I may have not known much about him but I hope he knows that we all loved his content and him we hope to honour his legacy and wishes. It brought many tears to many peoples eyes when we heard he was gone. He has have done so much for us and I hope he knows it. He is a king. We miss him and if I'm being honest my brain can barely comprehend this. I wish him all the best of luck in his next life even if he or others may not believe in past lives or future lives but just incase there are such things I wish him the best of luck. We will miss him. I am holding back tears as I am typing this. He may not be here anymore but he will live on in our hearts. Fly high, rest in piece, Technoblade Never dies.❤❤❤
  • Techno has provided me with entertainment, laughs, and just overall so many good times, even when things were at my lowest. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me personally, and I’ll never forget him.

    Technoblade never dies ❤️
  • Athena _playz
    Techonoblade truely never dies. Because he will be in our heart. Wheather watching the Smp, watching his old videos, or listening to a song from the Dream Smp, we will always have him in our hearts, and we know if it’s heaven or hell (I know it’s heaven) he’s slaying them for their throne as we speak. Rest In Peace Techno/Alex. You were one of the minecrafters out there, your channel was 100% amazing, and you will live forever in our hearts. We love you Techno and We will miss you dearly. We may not be able to see you, hear you or feel you, but we know your watching your fans and the Smp and your proud of them. Fly high techno 😭🥀🕊 may you Rest In Peace. #Flyhightechno
  • Lemon
    R.I.P Technoblade he was a legend.
    He might be dead but he will always be alive in our hearts.
    Technoblade died Battling stage four cancer.
    We hope him the best in his next life.
    Rest in Peace Legend.
  • Jag_rex24
    RIP technoblade, he was a PVP God, funny young man, beloved by his family, beloved by other Minecraft YouTubers, and could generate hype off the littlest things on stream.
    He Will be missed.
  • Unknown
    “Technoblade never dies”
    One of my favorite quotes of all
    We all miss you technoblade
    I even I wish that you would come back
    Rest and peace legend. Legends die to early
  • Llorkcir
    "There is no immortality, but the memories left in the minds of men" - Napoléon
  • Anthony Ryker
    He never will in our hearts and memories ❤️😭
  • F4lstW4rd3n
    Let us all here, Appreciate him as much as we want. He was a good man in a good life. But life wasn't good to him
  • "Not Even Close Baby!!, Technoblade never dies." Even when he will truly be one of the the best minecraft players to have ever exist. Thanks Technoblade for everything. May your soul rest in peace.
  • coolyoyogamer
    Technoblade is an inspiration to everyone he has made me laugh multiple times. I always am excited to see his videos, and even if he is not in earth he is still with us in our hearts cancer is the worst and I hope you rest in peace our legend
  • poluefemus
    thanks for all the content technoblade, farewell and rest in peace
  • Joe Mama
    I'm a grown ass man and I'm still crying mourning his death like a baby, he's my hero, love you forever alex
  • Marco Luk
    This is heartbreaking, he always masked sadness, with his laughter and jokes for us, he didn't want us to worry. Rest in peace blood god 😭😭🕊🕊
    Although I didn’t know technoblade I pay my respects and condolences to his fandom, his closest friends and his family