How I Manage My ADHD Without Medication

Published 2018-07-09
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Do you deal with ADHD or have someone in your life that struggles with it? I know it’s frustrating. In this video, I go totally off script and talk about how I manage my ADHD without medication.

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Contents of this video:

00:00 - Intro
02:00 - Personal Story
02:50 - Nutrition
04:32 - Sweat Everyday
05:33 - Sleep Schedule
06:37 - Morning Routine
08:14 - 30 Minute Pomodoro
09:11 - Energy Management
11:52 - Block Time
13:14 - Build a Team
16:19 - Recap

All Comments (21)
  • Dan Martell
    ADHD almost killed my entrepreneurial career before it started. This episode covers the 9 steps I took to turn it into a superpower (without meds).
  • Davide Consonni
    Tips with timestamps bc im adhd and get bored easily:
    2:48 - Nutrition. sugar is bad, drink water from your personal bottle.
    4:32 - Work out, even in your room, just sweat. He didn't mention it in the video but exercise causes our bodies to release dopamine, which our adhd brains need more of.
    5:34 - Sleep. Use white noise and read, create a routine that tells your brain that you are indeed going to sleep. Min 7h, try to go for 8h of sleep.
    6:37 - Morning routine/ritual. Stick in meditation it's very important
    8:14 - Use the pomodoro technique.
    9:11 - Energy management. Try to understand which are the best times for you to do certain tasks during the day.
    10:34 - Music.
    11:52 - Block time. Just schedule your day to the minute so you don't have to decide during the day.
    13:16 - Build a team, for the support and delegating tasks.
  • It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing everyone watching this is fighting not to wander off to something else like I am 😂
  • Cheryl M.
    1.) Nutrition
    2.) SWEAT everyday
    3.) 8 hrs of sleep nightly
    4.) Morning Routine
    5.) 30 MIN POMODORO technique
    6.) Energy Management
    7.) Music
    8.) Block Time
    9.) Build A Team
    Thank you 🙏
  • Deidra Soper
    Just discovering I'm ADHD at 39. Devastating...not because I am but because I've gone all these years not knowing and realizing life shouldn't have been such a struggle and feeling dumb lazy and alone. Attempted entrepreneurship and not giving up but it's in the crapper right now.
  • Tuck
    I am a self taught programmer with ADHD - and spent my life frustrated with how my mind was always racing. I was constantly being sent to the office in school because of acting out due to being bored, and in many cases I would be ostracized to a desk all by myself just so that I could focus on my test/class work. I am now a software engineer for the US government without a college degree, and all of my peers have a master's degree or higher. Worst of all... I am getting bored and am obsessing over entrepreneurial thoughts day in and out. Point being, I learned how to harness my ADHD for solving profitable problems for others, now I am striving to aim my ADHD towards problems I want to solve. Out of everything he said, I think the most important is diet. I removed sugar (and went vegan) and my focus went way up... like waaay over 9000... ;) . Thanks for making such a fantastic video and channel.
  • Stefani Ruiz
    I can’t watch a YouTube video without reading the comments simultaneously ...
  • "Pills don't build Skills, and Skills don't alter brain chemistry."

    These tips do help. Please don't feel ashamed of you need to combine with meds to get on.
  • For years I’ve tried to deny my adhd and I’ve struggled silently. Now that I’m accepting it, I’ve been looking for ways to manage it without medications and I found this video. Thank you. Now I don’t feel so hopeless.
  • Starzaretrue
    I am 26 and I saw a video about ADHD and I could relate to a lot of the things it mentioned. Never in my life did I think I had ADHD.
    I always knew there was definitely something different about me. I can relate bc of these main things...absent-mindedness, difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, problem paying attention, and short attention span. And also anxiety and often I’ll have so much motivation to do so many things I wanna do but out of no where my motivation is gone. In school I never really studied for exams bc I couldn’t get myself to focus reading textbooks and also same with my HW- I didn’t do most of it bc I couldn’t focus. I also forget things from weeks ago that others tell me about and I tell them I can’t remember.
    I just really don’t want to take any medication, I’ll TRY doing these to see if it helps!
  • My ADHD is so bad that I am as excited about this video as I am about not finishing it🤦🏿
  • Jay Green
    I've been in and out of jail most of my life because of it and having a shitty past. No family support...I really enjoyed this video. Thank you!
  • Vanessa Loggins
    About the reading and getting sleepy: A good trick of the mind if you want to read a book and not get sleepy and even get energized by it is to use your finger to guide your eyes through the lines. Something about the action of pointing and having something moving with your eyes turns it into a kinesthetic action and also helps people who “learn by doing.”(:(:(:
  • I strongly believe I have suffered it worse, given the fact that I am a Sierra Leonean...we don’t regard or even recognize mental issues...🤦🏿...thx for this❤️
  • Hello Dan, I work as a psychotherapist and do non-traditional psychotherapy with people who have addiction issues. I can not tell you how helpful this video has been for myself and some of my clients who have attention deficit superpowers! As you probably know, there is a very high incidence of ADHD in this population. Your suggestions have given hope to my patients which is a powerful substance for those in recovery. Many thanks for the work you do. Spero Alexio.
  • Emma Cruz
    I want a routine and rituals but every system I try I fail at :( I just can’t seem to get organized in any way with my life….I’m going to adopt this little by little!!! Thank you 🙏🏼
  • Ron Johnson
    I decided to stop ADHD meds when my coworker told me I didn't seem like the same person I was before. I want to be who I was born to be. A badass ADHD Superhero   :)
  • Carrie Ragsdale
    I avoided medication until I was 48 years old because of attitudes that it's somehow harmful. And all these tips are great, except that I can schedule all I want but I won't actually do the things on my list without the medication. ADHD is a brain problem, and it causes lack of motivation. So you either have to really love what you're doing or you have to have some sort of external motivation or you have to take medication. On days when I didn't work, I would sit in bed literally all day and watch Netflix. Adderall fixed that problem, and I wish I hadn't been adverse to taking it for so many years.
  • Mikael Hansson
    Hey Bro, I say this with love, I would suggest changing the title to something like: 'How I improve by ADHD using these tips'

    There is two camps, people that are set on medication and those how don't like the idea of medication.

    This video can help both groups and there is no reason to create a division, with or without medication, these tips will help!
  • Stefano Vink
    I had adhd in high school and it took me a year to get into the military , finally got in and kicking ass ... I can’t stress how important it is to workout every day , drink black coffee and stick to a damn routine . Sounds silly to most people .