Simulating a Minecraft Civilization with LEGO

Published 2022-07-15
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In this video I attempt to simulate a Minecraft Civilization using LEGO Bricks. Additionally I attempt to do this in 200 Minecraft days or 66 hours. This is the biggest project I have ever done and a very difficult challenge. Enjoy!

Also if you are a madman, count how many lego figures you see in the entire build, and comment it below :)

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All Comments (21)
    The level of detail in these builds is 300iq! Can't wait to make my civilization
  • @TheB3
    Tiling the roofs off make them look SO much better. This whole world turned out incredible!!
  • @TheBoip
    That was honestly amazing adding techno with all the pigs and his house. Maybe next time you could make a custom mini figure of techno!
  • @elirubin434
    the spruce doors didn't look too good at first, but they actually looked REALLY good when placed down
  • @legoemmet
    This set should be called "The history of SacredBricks and TechnoBlade"
  • @Waluigilover
    Bob is definitely built different because he’s holding the blade of a light saber!
  • @LeeToons
    rip techno, a legend that will never die
  • You must agree that Techno is the hero without a cape. The "we need more people like you" the fucking GOAT!
  • @pre266
    These builds are so well detailed!
  • @legotakuyt
    Another 16 minutes of pure entertainment! Great content :D
  • @trolled1176
    All of your custom builds are so good! They should be real Lego sets.
  • @tudor7397
    I honestly hope that, somewhere there, in heaven, technoblade is seing what the people are doing for him, rest in peace legend
  • @elinvanderent9948
    How far imagination can bring you...
    i used to always want to make this sort of stuff
    never had the pieces tho...

    Techno's house also was amazing Rest In Peace Techno
    We loved you
  • @miloandloki.
    I love all of your content! Keep up the great work Sac.
  • @ghostoutcry
    That cobblestone castle has always been a mystery to me, I can’t tell if it’s a castle, or a church.
  • Absolutely amazing 🤩 nice video with many great details and visuals 👍👍👍
  • @akelley1000
    Thank you for honouring techno in this build, may Alex Rest In Peace ❤️