Simulating a Minecraft Civilization with LEGO

Published 2022-07-15
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In this video I attempt to simulate a Minecraft Civilization using LEGO Bricks. Additionally I attempt to do this in 200 Minecraft days or 66 hours. This is the biggest project I have ever done and a very difficult challenge. Enjoy!

Also if you are a madman, count how many lego figures you see in the entire build, and comment it below :)

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All Comments (21)
    The level of detail in these builds is 300iq! Can't wait to make my civilization
  • @elirubin434
    the spruce doors didn't look too good at first, but they actually looked REALLY good when placed down
  • @ender7106
    5:49 “the castle” the fact that no one knows it’s a church 😭
  • @legoemmet
    This set should be called "The history of SacredBricks and TechnoBlade"
  • @TheB3
    Tiling the roofs off make them look SO much better. This whole world turned out incredible!!
  • @Waluigilover
    Bob is definitely built different because he’s holding the blade of a light saber!
  • @tereziipyrope
    When you're throwing your sets down the stairs and picking up all those shards, what do you think about. Do you listen to music? Or do you just sit there in silence painstakingly picking up brick after brick. How do you pass the time? Do you regret doing that? When all is said and done, was it worth it?
  • @TheBoip
    That was honestly amazing adding techno with all the pigs and his house. Maybe next time you could make a custom mini figure of techno!
  • @chris_ball
    sooo, you make detailed legos to sit in a shelf for a few months than destroy them to make more detailed legos that sit in shelves for months then the cycle repeats? i love this channel
  • @LeeToons
    rip techno, a legend that will never die
  • @legotakuyt
    Another 16 minutes of pure entertainment! Great content :D
  • "Looks like the delivery driver set on this" got me diying on the floor
  • The segment of you throwing the sets down the stairs really hurt my soul. Yet, I still don’t know which was worse, the destruction of the sets and the fact that there were so many pieces to clean up, or the PTSD inducing noise of the sets crashing to the ground. (Though now that I think about it, I think it may be the latter.)
  • 8:46 : when he builds technoblades house from the dream smp to honour him, rip techno