Published 2024-02-11

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  • @ThatMumboJumbo
    please keep going it's fun

    1. I will lose my levels - XP grinders are super fast past week one so won't make a difference
    2. Accidentally sleeping elsewhere - dirt pillar of shame
    3. this is a silly goof that shouldn't be taken that seriously
  • @TrueNargin
    If you got a mob trapped to kill you and renamed it to "nothing, he just went up to his base" you'd send a "Mumbo was killed by nothing, he just went up to his base" message in chat every time you did that.
  • @AnnLiesArtist
    Mumbo “destroying” and “rebuilding” his slime farm is my favorite bit of this season so far.
  • "A sheep would be overkill" excuse me how dare you Mumbo. You ALWAYS want to be able to hold more than the calculated weight.
  • @Panosaur
    That base is safer than any of your vaults. Smart move, no thief would ever stoop so low as to dirt pillar of shame their way in.
  • @ChristopherLien
    Now you just need a redstone contraption to get you into the moth ball. Maybe you press a button, the blocks are pulled out from under you, you fall onto dripstone. Items you drop can be collected and sent to the moth ball. As a side benefit, when Grian is unable to resist pushing the button, you can also receive whatever happens to be in his inventory at the time.
  • @user-kk7ch2vt9k
    Omg my favorite part had to be when Mumbo pranks Scar and you can hear scar mutter, " That's why you never underestimate the Pringles Man." I was dying😂😂😂
  • @chicken
    Mumbo has been so unhinged this season it’s amazing
  • @Gravelll
    Love how Mumbo decided to make a death entrance, instead of just putting a slime block launcher under his base.
    This is the content I come to this channel for.
  • @stxchereviews
    Mumbo is really a chaotic energy this season. Joking (maybe serious) destruction of the really efficient slime farm and throwing them out. The editing cut in the last video with Iskall. The system for getting in the base that will inevitably annoy a lot of people. And now the block placement count at Iskalls house. I am honestly all for it, keep it up mumbo
  • @DoritoTime
    Mumbo should make a self-killing chamber to enter his base, and get his reaper kill by luring another player into it
  • @victortv3592
    Scar. Logs in 
    blasts horns 
    gives mumbo a silk touch pick axe

    Blast horns again
    Logs off
    “Refuses to elaborate”
  • @fenixfilms7828
    If you got a mob trapped to kill you and renamed it to "Intentional Base Design" would be hilarious
  • @Hyperboid
    6:59 Mumbo's ability to simultaneously hold up a genuinely interesting conversation and also pull this prank is rather impressive
  • I feel like that piece of Grian's soul has grown to make Mumbo into the cheekiest Hermit over night.
  • I really hope the "rebuilding my slimefarm" and then "destroying it and getting rid of the slimeballs because i didnt actually need that many" inmediately after joke never stops
  • @riuphane
    Finally someone con'd scar better than he gets others. That was incredible.
  • @AceOfFools
    Mumbo: finally builds a good slime farm. Then destroys it, rebuilds it, destroys it again. What a madman.
  • @romanog.208
    scar: "you look like the man who's gonna take your money at the bank."
    mumbo: * just took his money *