SEASON 10 - Let's GO!! Hermitcraft 10: #1

Published 2024-02-03
Season 10 is HERE and we're doing Steampunk!

Today we start a new season of Hermitcraft in a brand new world! We get our starting base established and have tons of laughs with the other Hermits.

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All Comments (21)
  • Hermitcraft checklist: Adult Jokes ✅️ Etho Living in a Jungle ✅️ Anvil kills ✅️ And I'm watching only for a few minutes
  • @Phildog28
    TANGO, Im not letting you call yourself "Not a builder" anymore! First Decked Out 2, then this! This is a starter base guys, a starter base! Tango, you are insane! If this is your FIRST attempt at steampunk, the mega base will be INSANE!
  • @Tsukiii14
    Pearl, Etho, Tango neighborhood... THE 'P.E.T.' SOCIETY
  • @aidenforth8859
    Tango youre not allowed to call yourself not a builder anymore. Between the nether hub last season, the entirety of decked out (both inside and out!!!) And this starter base? Youre a builder, man. And a dang good one
  • @2amgaming388
    The horse is obviously Skadoodles. That way Tango can skadoodle all over the server
  • @loravura4782
    Horse name: Tango’s Cough. In loving memory of the best beast in all of Decked Out
  • @TamTroll
    i say nuts to efficacy. become the anti-Doc. Make the factory so inefficient that items are being lost left right and centre. BUT, the trade off is that you produce a lot of items at a time, so enough eventually get to where you want them to go. Steampunk aperture science, lets do it.
  • @Theon2137
    "I'm punching my first tree." Skizz "That's exciting." everyone "Oh I did it wrong!" Skizz This is gonna be so good
  • @paytosave
    "Gem is Adequate" LMAO love the comeback
  • @MCgrant360
    Name the horse "Decked Out 3". Then you can say decked out 3 was in s10.
  • @glassbirdfeather
    11:57 And here we see game designer himself TangoTek forget one of the most foundational maxims that shape game design: GAMERS DON'T LOOK UP.
  • @Egg_thing
    I think the horse should be called Extra Flee, that way you can flee with extra flee
  • @lemonbread378
    Call the horse Torchy, then he can finally be non-imaginary!!
  • @JP-dz5oj
    The fish flapping is going to be in a lot of out-of-context videos.
  • 16:34 that is so comical. scar saying "I WILL NOT DIE" then the sounds of an explosion, followed by "im alive!" Maybe name the horse speedy mcspeederson. seems like a derpy name.
  • I think it's interesting that you have pearl and etho as neighbors, as they were some of the most successful DO2 players. It's like the crew is back together
  • @Welch_Gummies
    Horse's name: Life Insurance. Pay homage to Bdubs very strong desire to not die.
  • 'not a builder' Ties Tower Decked Out Goofy ahh roctopus THAT STARTER BASE
  • @SillySyrup
    30:11 "The Hermitcraft Canal" sounds like a great idea for future builds if you make something like a Venice-type area, or if you just build a massive canal.
  • Horse name...Waltz. we already Tango the hermit, so we need Waltz the horse...*cue music*...and we can dance the night away!