There's Something About Amy (Part 3)

Published 2022-08-05

Amy Rose thought her transformation was going to be the catalyst for a whirlwind romance with Sonic the Hedgehog. But, she let her Sonic mania get the better of her, which resulted in a Sonic vs Amy showdown. So, it doesn’t look like Sonic and Amy will ever be a thing now. In lieu of the opportunity to now call herself Mrs. Sonic Hedgehog, Amy is turning to the one person she knows will help her in her time of need: Miles Tails Prower.

After making Sonic boom, Tails is well aware that Amy needs some guidance… and a shovel. After all, what are friends for? So, off to the woods they go to try and salvage this Sonic exe situation. But, it’s here where Amy learns of the truth about this Sonic origins story. Or, truthfully, this Tails origin story. To the two-tailed fox, this has just been one big Sonic game. One big game with his best friends.

Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written by Jason Dewey and Ben Michael

Pre Production by Ben "Wonchop" Smallman

Rough Animation by Esau "LDranzer" A. Munoz (, Liam McKeown, Wonchop, BillyBCreations (

Clean up by Rae (, Jenny Polden (, BillyBCreations, Wonchop, Liam McKeown, Claire MacKenzie (

Colour by Spirited, LDranzer, Billy, Jenny, Ramona, Wonchop, Claire MacKenzie,

Backgrounds by Eric Oleander ( and Jenny Polden (,

Lighting and Compositing by Liam McKeown

Voice of Amy & Tails by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Voice of Sonic by Blake Swift


Voice of Tails by Mick Lauer

Edit and Sound Design by Jason Alan Dewey
Mix and Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith


Secret History of Sonic & Tails

There's Something About Amy (Part 1)

There's Something About Amy (Part 2)

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All Comments (21)
  • mashed
    We have two very important things to tell you...

    1) Mashed has There's Something About Amy merch!

    2) Amy & Tails will be back, but not for at least a MEDIUM length of time. With that in mind... WILD SPECULATION TIME! What do you think Amy and Tails are going to do next?
  • This is actually insane, never thought Sonic's secret history would gain an extended canon! I can't put into words how crazy this is to me
  • The fact that Amy still joins/trusts Secret History Tails, even after all the manipulation and what he has done to her, just to be with Sonic just shows that she has truly lost it.

    Also now it makes sense what really happened during the explosion in Tails’ workshop in part 1. The real Tails died in the explosion, and Secret History Tails took his place
  • Sol
    I love seeing Mashed getting a bit more back to their older roots with the darker and more f^cked up plot lines/twists. Keep it up!
  • Ronan McGrath
    I just love the fact that they are partially making secret histories into a full blown universe (or multiverse) of its own
  • Miss Random
    I was expecting Tails to make Sonic into some sort of Frankenstein monster, but this is SO MUCH BETTER.
  • RoyalRobbie
    I think my favorite part is that this entire series proves that Secret History Tails only ever seemed like a monster to us and Sonic. He's DANGEROUSLY good at pretending to be the Tails we know in the main series.
  • I absolutely love this series. My favorite kind of psychological horror and gore. The plot would have worked well with other characters if not original characters, but the fact there's so much lore about these characters to begin with just makes it so much more impactful. And this design for Amy is absolutely amazing! The voice actors, animators, directors, editors, EVERYONE have done an amazing job! Wanna point out that Amy's voice actor sounds absolutely fantastic in her insane scenes and she sounds legit. Can't wait for more!!! ✨✨✨
  • I love how her design evolves progressively between the mascara running, the blood and the dirt.
  • Nick Gomez
    Mashed. Im not going to lie. This story for Sonic, Amy, and Tails is the best one that couldve been made. Props to the voice actors and animators. And really excited to see what happens next.
  • Kezzie
    “Exquisite timing.”
    That is a very, very chilling line from Tails.
  • Sufi
    I remember seeing secret history Tails for the first time and though wow that's a dark interpretation of him as his "best friend" but seeing him come back in this surprising twist is amazing man. I feel bad for Amy here she was tricked into doing what this imposter Tails wanted and it seems like it's only going to get worse and I'm on my edge now Jesus man my god 10/10...

    Edit now secret history Tails is now rivaling the Tails Doll, Tails.exe and Luther...
  • Honestly was not expecting the return of ‘Best Friend’ Tails but I’m all in for it.
  • Püg
    Some continuity I noticed, Tails was working on the very device that opened the portal even in episode 1, the attention to detail in this is outstanding
  • This has such amazing writing. There are so many little hints at what's going on and Tails' real identity, like his manipulative nature, slightly off muzzle, ever changing teeth, and a brief moment where his eyes change
    Also, I'd just like to take a moment to appreciate Mick's performance as insane Tails. He brings him to life in a way it feels like only he could
  • Shi No Karasu
    I love Amy's finally design at the end, can't wait to see what the 'real' Sonic looks like
  • SaasTyp
    I can't believe it was actually the Tails from Secret History. The plot twists in this part are absolutely mind-blowing. No doubt the best one yet. Hyped for Chapter 2!