Don’t buy this scam iPhone

Published 2024-02-06
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We bought a fake iPhone to see how close to the real thing it could be. Well... close isn't the word.



0:00 Intro
0:42 Unboxing & First Impressions
3:25 Thanks Certo!
3:59 Amazing Specs
4:30 Connectivity
5:30 Apps and OS
6:26 Device Testing
7:28 Hacking for the TRUTH
9:35 Teardown to Battery
10:13 Competitors

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  • @JohnADoe-pg1qk
    It's a three-fold scam: first, it's not an iPhone, second, it claims to have much better hardware than it actually has, and third, this hardware and software doesn't even work reliably.
  • @ChannelThing69
    We need a stretched photo of Jonathan like the Linus meme
  • @DanielMether
    The worst part of fake iPhones is that they often aren't even good Android phones.
  • @Naviss
    Just as everyone expected this to turn out.
  • @Photo0021
    This phone acts like how some iPhone users think Android is like
  • @MStrong95
    Recently was gifted a "refurbished" iPad for Christmas and since it wasn't working that great, I tried to return it but Amazon says it's not a genuine iPad
  • @shanmango
    1:56 wow I was not expecting Miniskirt to be playing in an LMG video 😅
  • @ToppyTree
    Potentially pretty dirty to name drop Pegasus in the ad when, as far as I can tell, Certo doesn't claim to be able to detect it
  • @alifputra7369
    Two Mac Address videos in a month, incredible stuff. Can’t wait for M3 chip comparison part 2.
  • @Jivolt
    A fake Chinese phone LIED about specs!? SHOCKED!!!
  • @atamosina
    Please don't take this as a criticism but really I enjoy watching MA, but lately I began to notice that content became uninspired somehow and I don't want to say shallow but without a sense of a deep dive. And the point is not that you are not deep diving into this particular model this part you did very well. Fake iPhones is such a vast topic and This Video could be a middle of the Topic Where I think You Need to begin with some context. There are models that totally imitate iPhone to The Last Detail of unboxing and packaging experience there are models that don't even try, and there is a different approach to just imitating the outside body or one that are trying to imitate software Experience. Sorry for my English.
    I remember seeing some fake iphones on wish where they had some kind of midrange snapdragon soc and like android 10 with an ios skin. That could actually fool some unlucky misinformed elderly people 😢
  • @histerical90
    I saw a different "clone" recently, but that was an iPhone XR conversion, so it had the internals and actual iOS just the case was changed to one with 2 additional fake cameras to look like a new iPhone.
  • @heyjustj
    So bad… I remember someone giving me a “large” capacity USB drive back in the day. It would show up as 16GB or whatever and act like it was writing all the files to it even taking the full time. Then when you went to plug into a different machine and retrieve the files they either weren’t there or were all corrupted. Finally after testing what file sizes I COULD get to work we found that instead of 16GB it was 16MB. This person lost important files because they thought they saved. So shady when people masks all the specs to show up as something different. And to think it might cost them about the same or just a little more to put the real specs in it rather than all the trouble to spoof the hardware.
  • @ronikverma2246
    Love Mac Address! Please keep releasing more vids. Waiting for Apple Vision Pro from Mac Address!!
  • @HansGats
    Didn't expect to hear "Like A Cat" by AOA in this video but I am glad I did.
  • @TeleviseGuy
    High Digital Camera? No thanks, I prefer my cameras sober.
  • @zdanee
    There is another trend where they get old but real iPhone XR-s, gut them and put them in an aftermarket housing that looks like an iPhone 15. The mainboard, screen, battery, buttons are all from the original resurrected iPhone XR, and because of the difference in size it has huge bezels, but as an actual iPhone it does run iOS and all.
  • @tpgggg
    I was not expecting the Miniskirt jumpscare
  • @DrewColpurs
    I remember way back in the day, like 2013ish, scam Apple products were all over the place and I'd watch videos of people pointing out all the little inconsistencies in the packaging and the hardware, very similar to this video and this crappy phone.